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Wow. I'm completely blown away. Time travel has been done so many times before and in so many different ways, but this is a truly original look at how it might work and the implications. I feel like my mind has been wrung out trying to understand the meaning of identity in this world where there are multiples of the same person. The fact that the details are sketchy and we don't really know what the war is works well, I think, because this is a character piece; it's focusing on the issues of identity and how one copes with this most bizarre of situations, and I like that this was the focus. I'm really impressed and want to read more mind-bending things like this!

Joanna, you might also appreciate "The Man Who Folded Himself" by David Gerrold. Gerrold's protagonist did it for a lark, though, not in an attempt at averting an apocalypse.

Corinne, nicely done. Thank you. I like the way your Washingtons are together and yet in spite of that, they are all so alone. I am sad for them.

This wowed me too. It's deliciously complicated, but thanks to the clear writing and compelling story, I didn't worry about understanding every implication. I look forward to reading more of your stories.

I like this. I like that mix of hopelessness and hopefulness. I like that the character is going to keep soldiering on into the unknowable future. Eight's a good number too. Like that old gag gift, the magic eightball. This story makes me think, and question and wonder. Thanks.

Very good story, the ending really gave me chills... Well written. Thanks!

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