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I've been reviewing SF short stories at length, several times a week, for over a year now; you probably missed it because I've been specifically focusing on underrepresented groups in SF. Here is my topic index and 2012 relative rankings (strictly subjective!). Admittedly, so far this has all been at my personal site, but I've been working on starting a fanzine which is going to host these and also material by other authors.

When I started there was nothing of this sort; there was Lois Tilton and SF Signal, but neither of them seemed to offer what I was looking for as a reader, hence my project. I'm happy to see that in the past year, many other people and magazines have started similar series of posts!

I seem to have missed this post when it was first published, though I have noticed a few of the Short Fiction Snapshots here on Strange Horizons. Been working on building my own Short Story Review Short Story Review site in hopes to bring more attention to the wealth of short fiction we have. Glad to see even more short fiction reviews are making their way into the world!

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