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This page is for comments on America Thief (Part 2 of 2) by Alter S. Reiss.


Thanks for the discussion with the Rabbi. You should know, though, don't you? that the old Rabbis - Rabbis from the old country, actually were wizards. There are loads of fabulous Jewish folk tales dating back thousands of years. One of the best collections is called "Lilith's Cave".

But your story is still wonderful.

What an excellent story. The background is interesting and well folded together, the characters are nicely rounded, it all clicks along beautifully. The conversation in the middle about balance is lovely and implies a deep and interesting and complicated world under all this, a tremendous bit of world-building in a brief scene. The end is really nice, the whole thing is just great. One of the year's best stories for me, I'm glad I ran across it.

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