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The Arthur C. Clarke Award Short List, Part 2

reviewed by Abigail Nussbaum

24 August 2016

If the judges' choices in selecting a shortlist are so opaque and inexplicable to me, it's highly unlikely that I'll be able to guess the winner.

The 2016 Arthur C. Clarke Award Shortlist, Part 1

reviewed by Abigail Nussbaum

22 August 2016

What this brings us back to is the perennial question raised by the Clarke: what is this award for? What is it trying to accomplish? What is it trying to say?

Peripheral Visions: The Collected Ghost Stories by Robert Hood

reviewed by Shannon Fay

19 August 2016

Hood is a solid writer. His style is very much in the vein of Richard Matheson and Stephen King, clear and down-to-earth while still evocative.

Simultaneous Worlds: Global Science Fiction Cinema edited by Jennifer L. Feeley and Sarah Ann Wells

reviewed by Salik Shah

17 August 2016

Before the era of top ten listicles, marketing labels and the best-of-genre trailers, these films were seen and circulated within the cinephile world as examples of "great (art) films," not "great science fiction films."

Codex Ocularis by Ian Pyper

reviewed by Nathaniel Forsythe

15 August 2016

I learned repeatedly and thoroughly while reading Ian Pyper's strange new book Codex Ocularis, the human eye is anything but a perfect device.

Our Lady of the Ruins by Traci Brimhall

reviewed by Octavia Cade

12 August 2016

What apocalypse stories tend to share is a theme of faith: what it is to have it, what it is to lose it, and how the object of that faith is both constructed and reconstructed in a changing environment.


reviewed by Nia Wearn

10 August 2016

When people stumble onto Preacher, they will be dumped into a world that's both confusing and familiar at the same time, irrespective of whether they have any familiarity with the source material.

A Daughter Of No Nation by A. M. Dellamonica

reviewed by A. S. Moser

08 August 2016

The first book enchanted with under-explored glimpses of otter islands and hints of Earth origins; this volume continues to offer glimmers of recognition coupled with enough strangeness and unanswered questions to keep readers invested.

Down and Out in Purgatory by Tim Powers

reviewed by Duncan Lawie

05 August 2016

This is a modestly modern purgatory.

The Shannara Chronicles

reviewed by Benjamin Gabriel

03 August 2016

The one thing that differentiates the show from the broad category of Portal-Quest Fantasy is that its protagonist never really gets it.

Defying Doomsday, edited by Tsana Dolichva and Holly Kench

reviewed by Marina Berlin

01 August 2016

There was a plague, or a meteor, or aliens; what usually matters in post-apocalyptic fiction is survival in the now.

The Terracotta Bride by Zen Cho

reviewed by Keguro Macharia

25 July 2016

From the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice to the leather-clad witches of Charmed to Terry Pratchett's deathscapes, hell is pretty heteronormative.

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