Readers' Poll 2012

Welcome to the Strange Horizons Readers' Poll for 2012!

We'd like to invite you to vote for your favourite content published in the magazine last year. Here's how it works. For each category, you can vote for up to five works or nominees, ranking them #1 (first place) to #5 (fifth place). The poll will not allow you to vote for the same work or nominee twice. Drop down menus list all the eligible works in a given category. Each first-place vote is worth five points, each second-place vote is worth four points, and so on. You do not have to vote in every category, and you do not have to use all five slots in the categories you do vote in.

The poll will be open from 09:30 (PST) on 25th February 2013 until 23:59 (PST) on 11th March 2013. If you make a mistake in your ballot, or want to update it for any reason, simply vote again before the end of the voting period. If you vote a second time from the same email address, your second ballot will simply replace your first. We will not use your email address for any purpose other than to identify duplicate ballots.

You can use the Strange Horizons archive to look back at the nominees before you cast your votes: the reviews archive is here and all other content can be found here.

If you have any questions, please email

Sorry, the poll is not currently open for voting.