Strange Horizons 2005 Readers' Choice Awards

The votes are in, the ballots have been counted, and the winners are:

Favorite Article

1st Place: Speculative Poetry: A Symposium, by Mike Allen, Alan DeNiro, Theodora Goss, and Matt Cheney.
2nd Place: How to Start a Small Press, by Gavin Grant.
3rd Place: 20 Questions with Kelly Link, by Lynne Jamneck.

Favorite Column

1st Place: The Stories That Predict Us, by Matt Cheney.
2nd Place (tie): Failing to Teach The Hobbit, by Christina Socorro Yovovich.
The Publishing Industry—A Reader's Perspective, by Debbie Notkin.
3rd Place: Science Fiction and Sex Ed, by Christina Socorro Yovovich.

Favorite Gallery

1st Place: Violet Miranda: Girl Pirate, by Emily Pohl-Weary and Willow Dawson.
2nd Place: David Bezzina.
3rd Place: Matthew Laznicka.

Favorite Illustration

1st Place: Cloud Dragon Skies, by Frank Wu.
2nd Place: Pip and the Fairies, by Susan Moore.
3rd Place: A Field Guide to Ugly Places, by Liz Clarke.
Honorable Mention: Tales from the Chinese Zodiac, by Jenn Reese.

Favorite Poem

1st Place: The Rainy Season, by Joanne Merriam.
2nd Place: War Is For the Hard of Hearing, by Greg Beatty.
3rd Place: (tie) Chagall's Lamp, by Mike Allen.
The Strip Search, by Mike Allen.
Honorable Mention: Prince Charming, by Helena Bell.

Favorite Review

1st Place: Two Views: Serenity, review by Mahesh Raj Mohan and Niall Harrison.
2nd Place: Lego Star Wars, review by Tim Phipps.
3rd Place: Magic for Beginners, review by Geneva Melzack.

Favorite Story

1st Place: Pip and the Fairies, by Theodora Goss.
2nd Place: The Taste of Chicory at High Tide, by Lisa Mantchev.
3rd Place: Magic in a Certain Slant of Light, by Deb Coates.
Honorable Mention: Two Dreams on Trains, by Elizabeth Bear.