Strange Horizons 2003 Readers' Choice Awards

The votes are in, the ballots have been counted, and the winners are:

Favorite Article

1st Place: The Failure of Fahrenheit 451, by Jeremy Smith (13 October 2003)
2nd Place: A Conversation Between Writers: Benjamin Rosenbaum and Aimee Bender, by Benjamin Rosenbaum and Aimee Bender (3 March 2003)
3rd Place: Misconceptions About Medieval Medicine: Humors, Leeches, Charms, and Prayers, by Michael Livingstone (17 March 2003)
The 2003 John W. Campbell Award Finalists: Who, What, and Why?, by Greg Beatty (4 August 2003)

Favorite Gallery

1st Place: Dead Faeries and Melancholy, by Janet Chui (10 March 2003)
2nd Place: Story Fragments, by David Deen (12 May 2003)
3rd Place: The Fantastic Extreme, by Theodor Black (8 December 2003)
As Space and Time Permits, by Jacob Wenzka (14 July 2003)

Favorite Illustration

1st Place: Illustration for Severna Park's "The Island of Varos", by Janet Chui (2 June 2003)
2nd Place: Illustration for Dean Francis Alfar's "L'Aquilone du Estrellas", by Hal Hefner (6 January 2003)
3rd Place: Illustration for Jenn Reese's "Winged", by Frank Sipala (3 March 2003)
Illustration for K.J. Kirby's "Portraits of My Lovers", by Christine Griffin (7 July 2003)
Illustration for Erika Peterson's "Birdcatcher", by Maral Agnerian (6 October 2003)

Favorite Poem

1st Place: Tarot Cards and UFOs, by Mark Rudolph (20 October 2003)
2nd Place: Psyche and Eros, by Leah Bobet (19 May 2003)
3rd Place: How I Will Outwit the Time Thieves, by Mike Allen (22 December 2003)
The Laundromat Advances the Plot, by Jon Hansen (11 August 2003)

Favorite Review

1st Place: Easy Reading: The Hard Science Fiction Renaissance, by Greg Beatty (3 March 2003)
2nd Place: Battlestar Galactica: Reimagining the Ragtag Fugitive Fleet, by John Sullivan (22 December 2003)
3rd Place: A Singular Debut: Cory Doctorow's Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, by Tim Pratt (31 March 2003)
Seven Silver Bells Against Darkness and Death: Garth Nix's Abhorsen Trilogy, by Laura Blackwell (8 December 2003)

Favorite Story

1st Place: In the Late December, by Greg van Eekhout (22 December 2003)
2nd Place: Sleeping with Bears, by Theodora Goss (17 November 2003)
3rd Place: Living with the Harpy, by Tim Pratt (27 October 2003)
Fetch, by David Moles (12 May 2003)

Favorite Staff-Authored Work

1st Place: The Future of Sex, by Jed Hartman (2 June 2003)
2nd Place: The 2002 Tiptree: An Inside Look at a Juried Award, by Mary Anne Mohanraj (7 April 2003)
3rd Place: Interview: Nina Kiriki Hoffman, by Karen Meisner (24 November 2003)
The Vision Thing, by Susan Marie Groppi (24 November 2003)


The first place winners in each category will receive $25, second place $15, and third place $10, except for the staff authors who, like the honorable mention winners, will receive lots of extra warm fuzzies!

Thanks again to everyone who voted!