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Hypnotizing Pendulum

by Justin Peter Rubenis

23 February 2015

And your body still was feeling new / to all those wooden-lizard / dice plays

Podcast: February Poetry

by Cid V. Brunet, Alexandra Seidel, Alexandra Grover, and Justin Peter Rubenis, read by Julia Rios, Alexandra Seidel, Angelle Haney Gullett, and Justin Peter Rubenis

23 February 2015

In this episode of the Strange Horizons podcast, editor Anaea Lay presents poetry from the February issues.

Mother of Invention

by Alex Grover

16 February 2015

// My son became a / website effective / yesterday without our / consent

Once the Dream Lionesses

by Alexandra Seidel

9 February 2015

Once beyond the twilight there were three lionesses pacing. / "I can no longer bear the weight of days," said the first, / and her paws beat the earth, skin of a drum.

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