Recent Poetry


by Snigdha Chaya Saikia

24 August 2015

she who had summer pressed into her skin. / And twine and grass braided into her hair

Podcast: August Poetry

by Merav Hoffman, Arlene Ang, Arlene Ang, and Snigdha Chaya Saikia, read by Merav Hoffman, Ciro Faienza, Ciro Faienza, and Anaea Lay

24 August 2015

In this episode of the Strange Horizons podcast, editor Anaea Lay presents poetry from the August issues.

Loss Prelude

by Arlene Ang

17 August 2015

Each note vibrates its emptiness.

Using Only These

by Merav Hoffman

10 August 2015

Does it matter if it lets us fly away?

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