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by M Sereno

20 October 2014

I am afraid of forests. I do not know why / the pineapple has a thousand eyes.

Podcast: September/October Poetry

by Eric Otto, Yoon Ha Lee, Pamela Manasco, Saira Ali, Catherine Butler, Penny Stirling, and M Sereno, read by Anaea Lay, Ciro Faienza, Emily Jiang, Romie Stott, Julia Rios, and M Sereno

20 October 2014

In this episode of the Strange Horizons podcast, guest editor Ciro Faienza presents poetry from the September and October issues.

Even Robots Learn

by Penny Stirling

13 October 2014

No, not aromatic. No, just single, not single-cell.

Plato's Orpheus

by Catherine Butler

6 October 2014

Thus I saw you tread before, more shade than man

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