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by David C. Kopaska-Merkel

26 January 2015

when I swallow, sometimes / I see stars, big ones / or Kardashians

Podcast: January Poetry

by Marinelle G. Ringer, Daniel Ausema, Samantha Renda-Dollman, and David C. Kopaska-Merkel, read by Marinelle G. Ringer, Daniel Ausema, Julia Rios, and Ciro Faienza

26 January 2015

In this episode of the Strange Horizons podcast, editor Anaea Lay presents poetry from the January issues.


by Samantha Renda-Dollman

19 January 2015

It took a long time to save for it but the gravity up here is kinder on my bones

Orthography in the Lands of Yahm

by Daniel Ausema

12 January 2015

all words must be gone / by the high tide's turn / or be declared false, anathema

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