Art Submission Guidelines

Beginning in January of 2014, Strange Horizons will run artwork with one story each month. This artwork will be commissioned or selected by the fiction editors to accompany the story's tone and content.

Pay Rates

We pay artists $200 for an original work to accompany a story, and $100 in the event that we use a piece from an artist's already existing portfolio.


We buy the right to display the selected artwork with the story, and to archive it on our website. In the case of commissioned original work, artists retain all rights to use the work for merchandise, or to post the work elsewhere once the story is live. However, we ask that the artist wait until the story is live before re-selling the work, and that the piece is credited as originally appearing as an illustration for the story. In addition, we optionally ask the artist to grant us rights to use the work for limited-run, not-for-sale promotional printed items (e.g. flyers) to advertise the magazine.

How to Submit

If you would like to be considered as a potential artist for Strange Horizons, please send a link to your portfolio and/or up to 3 example image files (as links or attached as .png or .jpg, not more than 1000x1000 pixels) to Please use "ARTIST SUBMISSION: [Artist Name]" in the subject line.


We will retain all artist information, but will only contact you in the event that we would like to commission an illustration or query to use one of your already existing pieces. As we only plan to buy 12 pieces per year, this may mean that many artists never hear from us. This does not reflect a judgment about the quality of your art, only that we are looking for a very narrow selection of pieces to match our accepted stories. We welcome updates if you have new work you'd like us to see, but we ask that artists only update us with new work every 6 months.