Spring 2006 Donor Prizes

Strange Horizons thanks all of our generous contributors for providing these prizes! Prize winners will be selected by our own special Sorting Hat from all donors after the Fund Drive ends.

A signed, limited edition of MAreen McHugh's collection, Mothers and Other Monsters
Maureen F. McHugh is the author of four acclaimed novels. Her genre-expanding short fiction has won the Hugo and Locus Awards and has frequently been included in Best of the Year anthologies. Since 1988 she has attracted a broad readership in publications such as Asimov's, Scifiction, Starlight, The Year's Best Science Fiction, and The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror. Now, in her long-awaited first collection, McHugh's subtle talents illuminate the relationship between parents and children from angles that everyone -- mother or father, daughter or son -- can relate to. These are beautiful stories about the ways in which social and technological shifts impact family dynamics.

Signed and hand-numbered by the author includes five poems not in the trade edition. This edition also includes a tipped-in print of Judith Anderson photographed in the role of Medea by Erwin Blumenfeld. Printed by Thomson-Shore of Dexter, Michigan, on 70# Finch Opaque Cream White Smooth paper, with 80# Red Rainbow Endpapers, Smyth Sewn in Pearl Linen Cloth. We have included a ribbon to keep your place. (Donated by Small Beer Press)

A Peapod Classics Combo: Carol Emshwiller's debut novel, Carmen Dog, and Naomi Mitchison's amazing Travel Light
Carmen Dog was the reason Pat Murphy and Karen Joy Fowler began the James Tiptree, Jr., Award, and it's also the debut title in our Peapod Classics line. It's the warm, hilarious, and exciting tale of Pooch, who just wants to sing Carmen.

Travel Light is the story of Halla's fabulous journey from the darkest medieval forests to the intrigues of the early modern Constantinople. Every page glitters with imagination. This is a book to treasure. (Donated by Small Beer Press)

A 4-issue subscription to LCRW
Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet is a zine that comes out twice a year from Small Beer Press. It's coming on ten years old and it still has those cute little black and white covers which just manage to hold in almost enough fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. Also can be gotten with chocolate, but, sadly, not here. (Donated by Small Beer Press)

The Bruce Boston Package
Five books, all signed by the author. Novel: Stained Glass Rain. Novelette: After Magic. Story collection: Dark Tales & Light. Two poetry collections: The Complete Accursed Wives and Conditions of Sentient Life. (Donated by Bruce Boston)

Jon Courtenay Grimwood's Arabesk Trilogy
The complete trilogy: Pashazade, Effendi, and Felaheen. (Donated by Juliet Ulman)

The Justina Robson package
Copies of two of Justina Robson's critically-acclaimed novels, Natural History and Living Next Door to the God of Love. (Donated by Juliet Ulman)

The M. John Harrison package
One copy of Viriconium and one copy of the Tiptree-winning novel Light. (Donated by Juliet Ulman)

The Jeff VanderMeer package
Two books by Jeff VanderMeer, Veniss Underground and City of Saints and Madmen. (Donated by Juliet Ulman)

The Lisa Tuttle package
One copy each of Lisa Tuttle's novels The Mysteries, The Pillow Friend, and The Silver Bough. (Donated by Juliet Ulman)

Elizabeth Bear's Jenny Casey trilogy
The complete trilogy from Campbell Award winner Elizabeth Bear: Hammered, Scardown, and Worldwired. (Donated by Juliet Ulman)

The Patron Saint of Plagues
One copy of Barth Anderson's debut novel The Patron Saint of Plagues. (Donated by Juliet Ulman)

The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl
One copy of The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl, the first novel from Tim Pratt. (Donated by Juliet Ulman)

Script-Doctoring the Apocalypse
A numbered copy of Chris Nakashima-Brown's small run chapbook, Script-Doctoring the Apocalypse. (Donated by Chris Nakashima-Brown)

Writers of the Future, Volume 19
This anthology will be autographed by two contributing authors, Joel Best and Jay Lake. Joel Best's work has appeared in such print and online publications as Writers of the Future, Strange Horizons, Eclectica, and Quick Fiction. (Donated by Joel Best)

Doppelganger, by Marie Brennan
An autographed author's copy of the first novel by Marie Brennan. When a witch is born, a doppelganger is created. For the witch to master her powers, the twin must be killed. But what happens when the doppelganger survives?

The sequel to Doppelganger, Warrior and Witch, will be out from Warner Books this October. (Donated by Bryn Neuenschwander)

Sarah Canary, by Karen Joy Fowler
A signed hardcover copy of this extraordinary novel, donated by Karen Meisner.

Fevreblau, by Kenneth Mark Hoover
A signed copy of the new novel by Kenneth Mark Hoover. Fevreblau is a hard science fiction novel about a Russian Cosmonaut who returns to Earth after working on a radio telescope on the Dark Side of the moon and finds himself the focus of a social and political revolution. It is a hardback novel published by Five Star and has been favorably reviewed by Library Journal and other outlets.

Mark has sold over twenty short stories and articles to professional and non-professional magazines. He is a member of SFWA and Fevreblau is his first novel. He is currently working on a new novel. (Donated by Kenneth Mark Hoover)

Rode Hard, Put Away Wet: Lesbian Cowboy Erotica
A signed copy of the anthology co-edited by Sacchi Green and published by Suspect Thoughts Press. This anthology is a Lambda Award finalist. (Donated by Connie Wilkins)

Poem by David Kopaska-Merkel
You write the poem!

Well, actually you get to pick the subject of the next poem David writes. Your contribution could be a single word or something fairly specific. He will do his best, regardless of what you propose, and if and when he succeeds in selling the result you get acknowledged as having contributed the subject. Of course you get the first copy of the poem. This will be the only copy if the poem never sells. He cannot guarantee anything in the fame and fortune department, but this year he had six poems nominated for the Rhysling award. (Donated by David Kopaska-Merkel)

Tall, Dark, and Dead, by Tate Hallaway
Recovering witch Garent Lacey runs Wisconsin's premier occult bookstore and falls for dead customer Sebastian Von Traum, riotous mayhem ensues.

In another life, Tate Hallaway (aka Lyda Morehouse) won the 2005 Philip K. Dick Special Citation for Excellence, the Barnes & Noble Maiden Voyage Award, and the Shamus. Her books have been on the preliminary Nebula ballot, and nominated for the Romantic Times reviewer's choice award for best science fiction. In this incarnation, outside of donating this book, Tate has done jack. (Donated by Tate Hallaway)

Ball cap and mug from USS BOXER
(Donated by Dawn Paris).

Embracing Darkness, by Margaret Carter
Linnet can't get the police to listen to her theory about the murder of her niece and her niece's lover. When Max, the young man's older brother, shows up with the same theory, Linnet joins forces with him to track down the strange woman responsible for the killings. Little does Linnet suspect that both Max and their quarry are vampires. A story of love across species boundaries. (Donated by Margaret Carter.)

Circles in the Hair
Circles in the Hair is an illustrated anthology of short SF, horror and fantasy fiction and poetry by the members of CITH. It features the work of Linda Addison, winner of the Bram Stocker Award for Consumed, Reduced to Beautiful Grey Ashes; Keith R.A. DeCandido, author of over 20 media tie-in novels, Gerard Houarner, author of Road to Hell and over 100 published short stories; Gordon Linzner, editor of Space and Time Magazine and contributor to the World Fantasy Award-winning collection Museum of Horrors; and cover art by Alan Clark.

In her forward, Nebula and Hugo Award-winning author Nancy Kress says, "the greatest puzzle about CITH is not its name, or the group's longevity, or their willingness to navigate the wilds of New York City in order to regularly meet and critique. The greatest puzzle about CITH is ... the quality and variety of their output ... The stories and poems in this anthology showcase an entire group of interesting writers." Nebula and Hugo Award-winning author Terry Bisson contributed an after word: "Open and read. Enjoy this gourmet sampling of the boldest and most accomplished of today's new voices in Fantasy, SF and Horror. Circles in the Hair – a delight to read."

Most of the stories will be autographed by the writers and personalized to the winner. (Donated by Faith Justice)

A signed copy of Ghelenden, by Ahmed A. Khan
This book is a curio in that it was published by Whortleberry Press, but the printers made a typo right on the title, and as a result, the whole print run was scrapped. I managed to save a few copies and - who knows - it might become a collectors item one day, typo and all. (Donated by Ahmed A. Khan)

Shimmer is a new speculative fiction magazine, published quarterly. Each issue will contain new fiction from emerging and established writers. We are more concerned with excellent writing than with genre boundaries - so you’ll find fantasy, science fiction, horror, magical realism, and stories that defy categorization. Winner will receive one copy of the current issue. (Donated by Mary Robinette Kowal)

Audio Recording of YOUR story
An audio recording of the winner's short fiction. Mary Robinette Kowal works with Willamette Radio Workshop and besides radio theater, she has recorded audio fiction for authors like Orson Scott Card. The story can be up to 2500 words, (which would be about a 15 minute recording) and must be original fiction to which the author owns audio rights. (Donated by Mary Robinette Kowal)

Italo Calvino's Italian Folktales
A wonderful compilation of two hundred fairy tales and folklore from Italy. Translated by George Martin. (Donated by Maggie Ronald)

Trial of Flowers, by Jay Lake
Author's Review Copy of Jay Lake's next novel, Trial of Flowers from Night Shade Press. This is a decadent urban fantasy in the tradition of Perdido Street Station, City of Saints and Madmen, and The Etched City, with a release date of September, 2006. ARC should be available in July, depending on the publisher, and Jay will personalize it for the donor who selects the book as a prize. (Donated by Jay Lake)

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