September 2004 Donor Prizes

Strange Horizons thanks all of our generous contributors for providing these prizes! Prize winners will be selected in random order from all donors after the Fund Drive ends.

Kelly and Gavin's Gift Bag.
A small and attractive gift bag containing (among other things) a couple of Small Beer Press chapbooks, a copy of Believer magazine, and some very tasty chocolate. (donated by Kelly Link and Gavin Grant)

One-of-a-kind illustrated Other Cities chapbook.
The stories in Benjamin Rosenbaum's Other Cities chapbook originally appeared in Strange Horizons. Ben has donated a special copy of this chapbook, one where he not only signed it but covered the title page with a drawing of a strange creature reading Strange Horizons in a foreign city. (donated by Benjamin Rosenbaum)

A one-year subscription to Other Magazine.
Other Magazine, pop culture and politics for the new outcasts, publishes three times a year and showcases those viewpoints that get left out of the mainstream. They've also published speculative fiction by Hanne Blank, Michelle Tea, Jim Munroe, John Shirley, and others. (donated by Charlie Anders)

Move Under Ground by Nick Mamatas, published by Night Shade Books:
Forged partially at the Strange Horizons writers workshop in 2002, here's what people are saying about the Lovecraftian Beat road novel Move Under Ground:
"It's Kerouac vs. Cthulhu as the most human of writers tangles with the most inhuman horror. Move Under Ground is a wild, weird ride, and Nick Mamatas shows awesome chops as well as some sad and funky soul." —Stewart O'Nan, author of The Night Country and A Prayer for the Dying.
"An intense, inspired crossbred bastard homage-cum-critique-cum-vision."— China Mieville, author of The Scar and Iron Council.
(donated by Nick Mamatas)

American Sorrows.
The newest collection from Jay Lake, winner of the 2004 John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer, includes an introduction by James Van Pelt and four of Lake's longer pieces, including a reprint of his Hugo-nominated novelette, "Into the Gardens of Sweet Night", along with two new novellas, "Our Lady of American Sorrows" and "The River Knows Its Own", and "Daddy's Caliban", a novelette previously seen only in the United Kingdom. Lake will personalize the book as requested. (donated by Jay Lake and Wheatland Press)

Forever Crossed.
A signed copy of Forever Crossed by A. Leigh Jones. Welcome to the Triangle, where wereleopards romp, the dead talk back, and blood-thirsty predators stalk through the city's darkest hours. But when the doors open at Forever Crossed, the only funeral home in the Carolinas with an anti-rising guarantee, Olivia Peters is ready for anything the night may bring. At least she thinks she is! (donated by A. Leigh Jones)

Meet Me In the Moon Room.
Ray Vukcevich's collection of short fiction appeared on the Locus Recommended Reading list in 2001 and was nominated for the Phillip K Dick award. Vukcevich is a master of the surreal and absurd, and his collection is a joy to read. (donated by Ray Vukcevich)

Green Grow the Rushes-Oh.
A chapbook by Jay Lake, published by Fairwood Press. This is a collection of stories which originally ran on Strange Horizons. (donated by Jay Lake)

Four Seasons in One Day.
An original chapbook by Jason Erik Lundberg and Janet Jia-Ee Chui, signed by both authors. All artwork and design by Janet Jia-Ee Chui. This limited-edition chapbook (only 100 copies were printed) premiered at the 2003 World Fantasy Convention, and has almost sold out. Chui recently won the Strange Horizons Reader's Poll for both Best Gallery and Best Illustration, and Lundberg's interview with Zoran Zivkovic is currently available. (donated by Jason Erik Lundberg and Janet Jia-Ee Chui)

A two-issue subscription to Flytrap.
Published by Tropism Press, Flytrap is a little 'zine with teeth. Featuring fiction and nonfiction from authors such as Nick Mamatas, David Moles, Jen Larsen, and Daphne Gottlieb. (donated by Heather Shaw and Tim Pratt)

A CD of "Thy Kingdom Come".
A 2002 production of Lone Wolf Publications, written by Simon Morden and illustrated by Marge Simon. This is #2/200 and signed by author & artist. "A tale of Armageddon reccounted through twenty interrelated stories, each unique in its own narrative and perspective, covering a span of twenty-two years. Not quite a novel, more than a collection of short stories, 'Thy Kingdom Come' is a 'story cycle'." (donated by Marge Simon)

The Magazine of Speculative Poetry.
A four-issue subscription to The Magazine of Speculative Poetry, normally valued at $19. (donated by Roger Dutcher)

The Slangman Guide to Dirty English.
A dictionary-style reference to mild, insulting, and downright offensive American words and phrases. (Download a sample chapter as a PDF.) Signed by the author and illustrator, Janis Tantric (aka Jenn Reese) if desired. (donated by Jenn Reese)

dreams and nightmares.
One copy each of the four most recent issues of dreams and nightmares, the oldest continuously published magazine of genre poetry. Dreams and nightmares is a digest size magazine of 20-24 pages. DN is published three times per year, and has been since 1986. The magazine mostly consists of science fiction and fantasy poetry, but there is also a little horror poetry and some short short fiction as well as filler illustrations. They have published the likes of Bob Fraser and Bruce Boston, and many poems that first appeared in dreams and nightmares have been nominated for or won awards, including the Rhysling Award for best genre poetry. (donated by David and Sheila Kopaska-Merkel)

The Complete Accursed Wives.
A signed copy of Bruce Boston's 2000 fiction and poetry collection The Complete Accursed Wives. This was a Bram Stoker Award Finalist and includes two Asimov's Award poems and the short story "Curse of the Alien's Wife," which won the Best of Soft SF Award. (donated by Bruce Boston)

Blues for Port City.
A signed copy of David Lunde's chapbook Blues for Port City, a series of connected poems that includes the Rhysling Award winning poem "Pilot, Pilot." (donated by David Lunde)

Petting the Time Shark.
Mike Allen's collection Petting the Time Shark and Other Poems, reviewed in Strange Horizons in August 2004. This collection includes twenty-nine poems, some of which are previously unpublished. (donated by Mike Allen)

Sick Humor Postcards
A 12-pack of Sick Humor Postcards, focusing primarily on satire and silliness on life with chronic illness and disability. (donated by Sharon Wachsler)

Dead Cats Bouncing.
Signed by GAK and all the author contributors; sold out, very collectible. GAK is happy to personalize it. (donated by GAK)

Writers of the Future, Number Nineteen.
A copy of the anthology, signed by one of the award winners. Can be personalized if desired. (donated by Joel Best)

Extra review copies (one available of each):

  • David Drake, Goddess of the Ice Realm, hardcover
  • Asprin and Nye, Myth Alliances, advance reading copy
  • Lackey and Mallory, The Outstretched Shadow, hardcover
  • David Hagbert, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, mass-market paperback
  • Jack Dann, Jubilee, trade paperback
  • Brian Stableford, Omega Expedition, trade paperback
  • Stanley Schmidt, Argonaut, trade paperback
  • Fred Saberhagen, Berserker's Star and Berserker Prime, both hardcover

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