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Stats: June 2012 submission count

By Jed Hartman

In June 2012, we received 602 valid submissions, an average of about 20 submissions a day.

It was the fifth-highest-volume month ever. Three of the weeks of June were among our top 25 highest-volume weeks ever.

We can't directly compare to June 2011, because we were closed to submissions for some of that month. It's up 25% over June 2010, but that month was just after a brief closure. So it's hard to find a good direct comparison.

Still, I think it's safe to say that volume is up a lot over past years. It's even up over May 2012, when we got about 18 and a half subs a day. Sometime in June we posted about our response time being lower than ever before over a sustained period; right around that time, volume, which had leveled off, shot up again.

We're not hitting the submission cap every day; in particular, I think we rarely hit it on Sunday, and only sometimes on Saturday. But we are hitting it most days, usually after something like seventeen to twenty hours.

Meanwhile, we're a little short-staffed at the moment (one of our First Readers recently stepped down, and another is on leave), and I've been low on time due to day job and setting up a new computer at home, so I've been slow responding to some stories.

The remaining FRs and my co-editors are doing a good job of keeping up, but our response times right now nonetheless aren't quite as good as they were a couple weeks ago. But they're still pretty good: an average response time of 11.5 days since February, for over 2,570 submissions responded to.

But that's just an average. Some stories have gone way over that; our maximum response time in that period was 65 days, and there've been several over 30. So don't necessarily expect a response in under two weeks.