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Someone comes to editorship, someone leaves editorship

By Jed Hartman

This week, Niall's editorial announces some changes in the SH fiction department:

  • Welcome to new fiction editor An Owomoyela!
  • Congratulations to Brit Mandelo on becoming our new Senior Fiction Editor!
  • After twelve years as a fiction editor here, I'm stepping down. We have a great new team of editors in place, and it's time for me to hand the department off to them.

For details about my departure, see my blog entry on the main Strange Horizons blog.

What does this mean for you, the author who wants to submit to SH? It means there's an exciting new team of editors who are bringing new energy and enthusiasm to the department. It means response times are likely to stay low, and the maximum response time may get even lower than it's been lately. (Almost all of the longest response times lately have been on stories that I was slow about responding to.)

But in terms of mechanics of how to submit, and what to expect from the process, not much is changing, at least for now; the new editors are continuing to use the existing system. We're hoping to eventually roll out a new and improved system, but that won't happen for a while yet.

So keep submitting in the usual way (but remember to address your submission to the new editors, not to me), and keep reading the magazine!