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Stats: May 2011 through May 2012 submission counts

By Jed Hartman

Looks like the last time I posted a monthly submission count was a year ago. Oops. Sorry to have dropped that.

I suppose it's worth catching up, just for completeness. So this post covers submission counts for the past year.

We had a lot of closures in 2011, so I'm not going to even try to figure out how many subs per day-we-were-opened we were getting each month that year. Picking up where I left off:

May 2011: 323 valid subs.

June 2011: 441.

July 2011: 466.

August 2011: 464.

September 2011: 139.

October 2011: 576.

We were then closed from the beginning of November through the middle of February, three and a half months.

February 2012: 370 valid subs, or nearly 25 a day for the 15 days we were open. (We reopened on February 15, and 2012 is a leap year.)

March 2012: 652 total; 21 a day average.

April 2012: 541 total; 18 a day average.

May 2012: 576 total; 18.5 a day average.

I think that in the past couple of years, we've usually averaged 15-17 stories a day on days when we were open (though it's been much higher right after each reopening). So at 18+ a day for the past two months, volume is noticeably higher than it's ever been before for an extended period, but it's not impossibly high. And of course the daily submission cap keeps it from getting super high.

Still, out of the 15 full (Sunday-to-Saturday) weeks since we reopened in February, 9 of those weeks have been among the top 30 highest-volume weeks ever. And March, April, and May of 2012 have all been among the top 9 highest-volume months ever. (March was the third-highest ever.)