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When asked to wait before submitting again, please do

By Jed Hartman

In the past twelve hours, we've seen four authors submit stories too soon after the last rejection. (There've also been a couple of others in the past few days.)

I know that this is a new rule/policy. But we do now say very explicitly in each rejection letter (for most stories rejected within two weeks after submitting) to wait before submitting again.

So if you receive a rejection letter from us that asks you to wait some amount of time before submitting again, then please wait. If you submit again before that amount of time elapses, you're only wasting your time and mine. I'll delete your story unread, and I'll send you a note asking you to wait an additional week or two.

The fact that so many authors are ignoring our request suggests to me that our request may not be clear enough, or may not be prominent enough, or something like that. But I'm not sure how to make it clearer. Possibly we could move it to earlier in the rejection letter; I'll think about that.

In case the problem is that authors aren't seeing the point: we're still hitting our daily submission limit every day. (Though these days we're usually open for about 9 to 12 hours each day.) That means that some authors who want to submit to us, and who haven't yet sent us a story this year, aren't getting to do so.

To prevent authors from sending too many submissions in rapid succession, we could hold onto stories that we've decided to reject. But that's not fair to the authors. Having a low response time is good.

But we also want to give everyone a chance to submit, so we're asking (at least during this peak submission period) that an author who gets a fast response from us hold off a week or two before submitting again. Give other authors a chance to submit.

And to those of you who have been waiting as requested: thank you! Much appreciated.