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Staying closed through January

By Jed Hartman

I'm sorry to say that the SH fiction department is going to stay closed to submissions through the month of January. We'll reopen on February 1.

I know that's a long time for us to be closed. But we only just finished the reading from 2011, and we haven't yet quite finished responding to all the submissions, and our usual reopening date is only two weeks away, and we need some downtime. Especially with Karen leaving us; we're looking for a new fiction editor to join us, but that process is going to take time.

Whenever a magazine has a change of editors followed by an unusual closure, people start to worry about the health of the magazine. So I'll explicitly say: Don't worry; Strange Horizons isn't going anywhere. We've been publishing every week for over eleven years now (except for one or two vacation weeks at the end of each year); we're bought further ahead on fiction than we have been in the past year or two; we met our annual fundraising goal, as usual; the magazine is in no danger.

So stick around, keep reading what we publish, and come back and send us a story in February.