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Welcome to the new blog!

By Jed Hartman

Since late 2001, I've been posting occasional blog entries about the Strange Horizons fiction department in my personal blog. I've posted status updates, statistical summaries, advice and recommendations for writers, relevant links, and general news.

(If you want to see some of those entries, you can examine the Strange Horizons category of posts there.)

But it's never seemed quite right to me to expect authors who wanted to submit to us to read my personal blog. I mean, I'm happy for anyone to read it, but I post a lot there that's not relevant to the magazine; also, there's no obvious way for authors who visit the magazine to find out that I'm posting important info elsewhere.

Also, when Karen or Susan want to post SH news or info, they've heretofore had to do so in their own blogs; there hasn't been any central place where all three of us could post.

So: welcome to the new fiction-department blog on the SH site.

You won't find this blog linked in the left-nav sidebar of the magazine. That's because the magazine is aimed specifically at readers, and this blog is aimed specifically at writers.

Of course, many writers are also readers, and vice versa. But when you read the magazine's content, we hope you'll be reading it with your reader hat on; and this blog mostly won't be of interest to people who don't write fiction and submit it to us.

So we'll link to this blog from our guidelines page, but not from the main site navigation.

If you use a feed reader, feel free to subscribe to this blog's Atom or RSS feed; see the links in the right sidebar of the blog's main page.

Comments on entries are welcome, but if you have questions about your particular story, or about how to submit, best to email a query to the three of us fiction editors.

Hard to know how often we'll be posting here, but I'll hazard a guess that it'll be on the order of three or four times a month, on average.