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by John Clute

23 February 2015

One would have to know as much about Moorcock's early life as Moorcock does to distinguish the mundane from the dance of the storyable.

Me and Science Fiction: Dystopia, Dark Urban Fantasy, Zombies, and Monsters from the Deep

by Eleanor Arnason

26 January 2015

When I’m in a bookstore, looking at new releases, I notice an abundance of dark urban fantasy, grimdark fantasy, zombie novels, and (to a lesser extent) novels set in Lovecraft’s universe.

On Book Fairs, Conventions, and Communities

by Liz Bourke

12 January 2015

I want to talk about a contrast I noticed between the cultures of the two different events.

Intertitles: Oh, the Cleverness of Me!: Masculinity and the Horror Show

by Genevieve Valentine

5 January 2015

There's no shortage of films about men, of course (when has there ever been?), but this year saw an influx of films that questioned both the masculine ideal and the otherworldly quality of masculine expectation.

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