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by John Clute

17 October 2016

...nor will any novel or other form of scrying ever fully succeed to address realities which must become uncanny (which is to say revenant) before we can begin to tell their claims on us.

Metagames: Pokémon Go and Staying Power

by Andrea Phillips

10 October 2016

You may have heard about a li'l game called Pokémon Go.

Communities: The End but Also the Beginning

by Renay

3 October 2016

In 2013, Niall Harrison wrote to me and asked me to come write a column for Strange Horizons after a Hugo Award essay I wrote grew popular.

Marginalia: Skin Readings

by Vajra Chandrasekera

26 September 2016

Many of us, as writers of the fantastic, begin with (and return to, again and again) the skin.

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