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by John Clute

8 February 2016

I think there is something more, something more deeply humane here than Palmer's extraordinary ability to narrate cognition. I think one might call Version Control a tale full of qualia.

Where Are We Going? Some Reflections on British Horror, Present and Future

by Nina Allan

25 January 2016

One of the events I was most looking forward to at last autumn’s FantasyCon in Nottingham was a panel I was invited to sit on entitled “British Horror: Present and Future.”

Metagames: Fitness Games

by Andrea Phillips

11 January 2016

In October of 2003, PlayStation introduced the first generation of what was then called the EyeToy.

Matrilines: Veronica Williams: The Compulsion of Landscape

by Kari Sperring

4 January 2016

I may be wrong—I hope I am wrong—but I strongly suspect that most of those who read this column will not have heard of Veronica Williams.

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