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Intertitles: And Was Obliged to Go On Dancing: The Red Shoes and the Chastised Woman

by Genevieve Valentine

22 September 2014

At first glance, "The Red Shoes" is a story about dancing, and it's no surprise that the relatively rare screen adaptations of the story are almost exclusively dance pieces . . .

Movements: Translations, Mother Tongue, and Acts of Resistance (Part 2)

by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz

8 September 2014

For some time now, I’ve been involved with the Interstitial Arts Foundation dream translation project. The thrust of this project is to see more works from non-Anglophone nations come into translation, to work together with translators, writers, and editors, and to look into funding that would cover the high cost of translations.


by John Clute

11 August 2014

Paul as a whole is divided into three Parks. Also his book.

Communities: Open at Your Own Risk

by Renay

28 July 2014

Recently, I completed the third and last iteration of Coverage of Women on SFF Blogs project that I began in 2011.

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