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by John Clute

21 April 2014

It may be best to stay our gaze on Lagoon as though it were telling us a today to grasp.

Communities: Call and Answer—Fan Creation and Construction

by Renay

7 April 2014

I've been thinking about the differences between creating fanwork and doing fan work.

Me and Science Fiction: SF and Politics

by Eleanor Arnason

31 March 2014

What follows are excerpts from two reviews of science fiction that I read last December.

Intertitles: A Thing That Lives on Tears: Goodness and Clarice Starling

by Genevieve Valentine

17 March 2014

Once, Jack Crawford called up a trainee barely old enough to rent a car, and asked her to interview the most notorious serial killer currently living, in order to catch one that was, for the moment, slightly less notorious.

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