And the 2016 fund drive total is ...

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That's from 453 donors, or, including Patreon supporters from the first year, 678 -- which is a new record for the number of people involved in a fund drive. Thank you all!

What it means is:

  • Strange Horizons is fully funded for 2017 at the same level as this year
  • In addition, as of 1 January 2017, pay for reviews goes up from $30 to $40
  • And we'll be publishing our full planned Spanish SF special at the end of this month, on 31 October
  • And we've raised $1,752 besides for translation-related projects!

Obviously that last number isn't everything we were aiming for -- but it's certainly not nothing. We'll talk to the Samovar team about what the best way to use that money is.

We also didn't reach our interactive fiction goal, but we haven't given up on funding that either. We have a grant application in that would cover one issue of sub-Q, if awarded, and will be exploring other funding routes as well.

Thanks are due to everyone working behind the scenes to make this fund drive a success. As with everything else Strange Horizons does, this was a team effort. We owe thanks to everyone who let us use their work in our fund drive special, for instance, and to everyone who tweeted, blogged, or otherwise spread the word about the fund drive. But a number of people on staff went above and beyond this year, so particular thanks this year must go to our Senior Webmaster, Tim Moore, for making sure all the bonus content was published on time and in the correct place (not as straightforward as it might sound); Art Director Heather McDougal, for developing the snazzy promo images we've been using on social media for the last couple of weeks, and the cover of our fund drive special ebook; Development Coordinator, Kate Cowan, for wrangling the prize draw; Associate Editors Jane Crowley and Kate Dollarhyde for taking on a share of the promotional and logistical admin tasks this year; and Podcast Editors Anaea Lay and Ciro Faienza, for additional recording above and beyond the call of duty.

And thank you, of course, to everyone who donated -- now we will go and make the best magazine we can.

Fund drive: all over!

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That's it! We're done for the year. A thousand thank-yous to everyone who's donated.

Hopefully I am now awake again and will be along shortly to tell you how much we've actually raised.

Fund drive: 2 hours to go!

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Hello, people for whom this is a civilized time to be awake! As you may recall from previous posts, since I'm in the UK, I'm in bed. (I hope.) I write to you from the past, hoping that the future is golden and happy. How about a final run-down of reasons to donate to the fund drive, just for old times' sake?

1. Because everyone who donates gets entered into our fund drive prize draw, which includes too many signed books, advance books, or first edition books to mention, plus assorted artworks and other goodies. You've probably got about a 1 in 6 chance of winning something.

2. Because if you're in the US, your donations are tax-deductible: Strange Horizons has received 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status from the US Internal Revenue Service.

3. Because Strange Horizons has an all-volunteer staff, every penny you donate goes to our contributors and our running costs.

4. Because if you donate during the fund drive, you'll get an ebook of our fund drive special. Of course, you could also support us at Patreon and get an ebook each month.

5. Because, to be boringly corny about it, we're a magazine that believes that in the twenty-first century, speculative fiction must be a global, inclusive tradition, and to that end we aim to showcase work that challenges and delights us, by new and established writers from diverse backgrounds and with diverse concerns.

6. And because, further to #5 above, if you donate you'll be helping us to do more, from translations to interactive fiction.

Here's that link again. There's probably only one hour, fifty-eight minutes and thirteen seconds left now.

Fund drive: 4 hours to go!

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We're really down to the business end of things now. You've got just four hours left to donate and be entered into our prize draw. Four hours to make sure you get an ebook of our fund drive special. Four hours to claim a t-shirt or mug!

Or put another way, four hours until I wake up and find out exactly how all this has gone. You don't want to disappoint me, do you? I thought not.

Fund drive: 6 hours to go!

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At least, it's six hours if I've done my scheduling right; remember, as explained in the post before this one, I'm asleep.

This time I thought I'd pop up and remind you that if you donate, you'll get an ebook of our fund drive special, which includes stories by A. T. Greenblatt, Jenn Grunigen and Teresa P. Mira de Echeverría, poems, reviews, round-tables and interviews oh my! And of course, if you support us at Patreon you'll get an ebook every month. Go on, you know you want to.

Fund drive total: $??,???

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We now reach the slightly comical portion of the fund drive in which, due to time zones, I am scheduling posts to remind you to donate even while I am asleep. So I can't give you an update on where things stand, because I have (assuming that I have managed to sleep) no idea.

What I can do is suggest that, after you've donated (or supported us at Patreon), you go and read this week's issue, which is a pretty good one, and features Margaret Ronald, E. P. Beaumont, John Clute, Aud Koch and more.

If I've scheduled this right, there should be eight hours left in the fund drive, so we're not done yet!


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Today, so far, has been an excellent day. A little while ago we applied to SF3, the Society for the Furtherance & Study of Fantasy & Science Fiction (a nonprofit that administers Wiscon, among other projects) for a grant to support our Spanish SF special: and this afternoon we had confirmation that said grant had been awarded!

We're incredibly grateful to SF3, not least because their boost means that said special is now fully funded -- and so we're on to our remaining stretch goals of moar translations and interactive fiction. We've got just under ten hours to go: how much more can you help us raise this year?

In case you need further tempting, we've also added a few final prizes. So go on. You know it makes sense.


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We've reached our first stretch goal! We've passed $16,000, so as of January 2017 our payment for reviews will be going up from $30 to $40. Thank you to everyone who's donated so far!

What's next?

Well, as of a few moments ago our total was actually just shy of $16,500, which means we're only $1,500 from publishing a Spanish SF special to tie in with this year's Eurocon, in Barcelona.

After that? We want to make translations more regular and add interactive fiction to the magazine.

If you donate today, you'll be entered into our prize draw and get an ebook of our complete fund drive special -- but today is the final day of the fund drive, so you have until 23.59 to chip in.

Here's the link you need!


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2017 goal reached! So we'll be publishing another twelve months of Strange Horizons: stories, poems, reviews, articles, podcasts, art, and all. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated this year -- we really don't take anything for granted, and it's a wonderful validation to know you'd like us to keep on going. We'll work to live up to your expectations.

But, of course, we're not done yet.

There are still (as I write) 2 days, 12 hours, 51 minutes, and 41 seconds left in this year's fund drive, and if you haven't you can still donate, via PayPal, Network for Good, or supporting us Patreon. That gets you entry into our prize draw, depending on how much you donate it gets you some merchandise, and it gets you an ebook of our full fund drive special -- and it lets us do more. What more do we want to do? I'm glad you asked:

  • If we raise US$16,000, we’ll increase our pay for reviews from $30 to $40
  • If we raise US$18,000, we’ll publish a special issue on Spanish SF to tie in with this year’s Eurocon in Barcelona, including at least two newly translated stories, poems, reviews, and articles
  • If we raise US$21,000, we’ll launch Samovar, a regular special focusing on translated fiction, in association with the Anglia Ruskin Centre for Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • If we raise US$23,000, we’ll partner with Sub-Q to bring regular interactive fiction to Strange Horizons

Our reviewers haven't had a pay rise for five years; they're due. We've been hard at work on a Spanish SF special, and how much we raise will determine how much of it we can publish: we really want to share it all with you. And we'd love to add more regular translations and interactive fiction to Strange Horizons -- they feel like necessary paths for us to explore.

So do think about it. Every donation helps, even if it's only a few dollars. And thank you.

300 patrons!

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Our fund drive special is complete! We've reached 300 patrons (actually a few extra, at the time of writing), and as a result have published Lawrence Schimel's translation of "Terpsichore",  by Argentinian writer Teresa P. Mira de Echeverría. 

But not just that: we're also reprinting the original (in this case, Spanish) language version of the story, and we also have both English and Spanish podcasts. You can find everything at the links below:

Why do it this way? It's something we hope to do with all the translations we publish through Samovar. It's partly about respect for the original work; partly about transparency, and showing our working; and ultimately, because it's the sort of thing you can do online, so why not? Maybe one day we'll even manage something as ambitious as the Jalada translation issue.

We've also, if you were wondering, snuck past $14,000 raised in total. So with 3 days, 11 hours, 37 minutes, and 8 seconds to go, we need $1000 for our 2017 goal, $2000 for a reviews pay rise, $4000 for our Spanish SF special, $7000 for Samovar and $9000 for sub-Q. How far can we get? Let's find out.

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