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Flying Cars, Dino-Power, and Energy in SF

by Brent Ryan Bellamy

25 January 2016

The reliance at a planetary level on high-density energy calibrates our conception of past, present, and future.

Artist Interview: Patricio Betteo

by Tory Hoke

18 January 2016

Deep inside, I am trying to replicate the same effect that other artists had in me when I was young.

Gender, Sex, and Sexuality in SF: A Conversation

by Polenth Blake and Bogi Takács

21 December 2015

"There's a strong stereotype that being asexual means a person is incapable of emotion and unable to have any sort of meaningful relationship with others. I'd say they're presented like robots, except that science fiction robots often have more emotion and can discover themselves without sex." 

The Strange Horizons Book Club: Ancient, Ancient

by Maureen Kincaid Speller, Keguro Macharia, Ethan Robinson, and Maria Velazquez

21 December 2015

"I think part of this text being embodied is that it luxuriates in its language. At the same time, one of the consistent themes that I see is sinking into the flesh/affective/feeling is both pleasurable and has unforeseen consequences."

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