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The Strange Horizons Book Club: The Starry Rift by James Tiptree, Jr.

by Lila Garrott, Matt Hilliard, and Alvaro Zinos-Amaro

24 August 2015

"these stories in The Starry Rift aren't explicitly ideological; they're not arguing for or against anything apart from demonstrating that the basic axioms of their worldbuilding work in the universe so built"

Defying Gravity: The Science Fiction of Zero-G

by Ian McDonald, Jody Lynn Nye, Corey Ostman, Karen Traviss, and Vanessa Rose Phin

24 August 2015

For those who are tied down by their bodies, it might represent a freedom that they have lost or never known.

Artist Interview: Geneva Benton

by Tory Hoke

10 August 2015

I'm sure once that "goal" is reached I still won't be happy with the emotion or expression, so it's like a never-ending rabbit hole. It's like never being truly satisfied, and that's what I love about art as a whole.

Farewell, Fantastic Pluto

by Paul McAuley

27 July 2015

Less than sixty years after Sputnik the first era of solar system exploration is over.

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