The Staff of Strange Horizons

For information about how to contact a department, see our Guidelines page.

Don't address submissions to Niall Harrison. See departmental guidelines for information on who the editors in each department are.

Editor-in-Chief (
Niall Harrison (but don't address submissions to him)
Associate Editors (
Jane Crowley
Kate Dollarhyde
Consulting Editors
Brian Peters
Susan Marie Groppi
Art Editors
Heather McDougal
Tory Hoke
Articles Editors
Vanessa Rose Phin, Senior Editor
Gautam Bhatia
Joyce Chng
Joshua Johnson
Eli Lee
Columns Editor
Rebecca Cross
Fiction Editors
Lila Garrott, Senior Editor
Catherine Krahe, Senior Editor
An Owomoyela, Senior Fiction Editor
Vajra Chandrasekera, Fiction Editor
Caroline Barraco, First Reader
Joan Bedinger, First Reader
Nino Cipri, First Reader
Christian Coleman, First Reader
Kathryn Dalziel, First Reader
Kelly Doran, First Reader
Melanie Echales, First Reader
Learned Foote, First Reader
Jonas Gagnon, First Reader
Lauren Hinkle, First Reader
Lulu Kadhim, First Reader
Isha Karki, First Reader
Kate Lansky, First Reader
Clare McBride, First Reader
KC Mead-Brewer, First Reader
Coral Moore, First Reader
Katherine Nehring, First Reader
David Palmer, First Reader
Jennifer Regehr, First Reader
Lyndsey Silveira, First Reader
Karissa B. Sluss, First Reader
Carlie St. George, First Reader
Feiya Wang, First Reader
Kathryn Weaver, First Reader
JY Yang, First Reader
Podcast Editors
Anaea Lay, fiction podcast
Ciro Faienza, poetry podcast
Poetry Editors
A.J. Odasso, Senior Poetry Editor
Sonya Taaffe, Senior Poetry Editor
Li Chua, Poetry Editor
M.J. Cunniff, Poetry Editor
Reviews Editors
Maureen Kincaid Speller, Senior Editor
Dan Hartland, Book Reviews Editor and UK Contact Manager
Aishwarya Subramanian, Book Reviews Editor
Tim Moore, US Contact Manager
Copy Editors
Tahlia Day, Senior Copy Editor
Joseph Aitken
Colette Grecco
Dustin Katz
Keith Morrill
Emily Natsios
Allysha Pillay
Will Scilacci
Development / PR (
Rachel Monte
Kate Cowan
Jessie Stickgold-Sarah
Webmasters (
Tim Moore, Senior Webmaster
Andrea Hull, Webmaster
An Owomoyela, Webmaster
Lalith Vipulananthan, Webmaster

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