Strange Horizons Merchandise

Welcome to the Strange Horizons store! Here you can purchase items designed with some of your favorite illustrations. The items are created as needed through Cafe Press; this means that there's no discount for volume, but it does allow us to offer a very wide range of material. On each item, there's $3 of profit; that amount is split between the artist and Strange Horizons (the rest goes to Cafe Press). So with every item you purchase, you help to support us and your favorite artists. But mostly, we hope that you enjoy the artwork and the products.

As time goes on, we hope to add many more of our illustrators to this line-up. Check back often (or subscribe to our newsletter) to keep informed of additions to this store.

Frank Wu, illustrating K. Mark Hoover's "Slugball" Slugball shirt
Shelton Bryant, illustrating H. Courreges LeBlanc's "Fiddler" Fiddler mug
Gavin Schnitzler, illustrating Joe Murphy's "Ovigonopods of Love" Ovigonipods of Love totebag