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The Hide, by Liz Williams, illustration by Liz Clarke (5/7/07)
The birds were white as they flew over the marsh, across the reedbeds and the frosted meres, but as they drew level with the hide their shade changed, from white to black. I saw their crimson eyes, sparks in the cloudy dark, as they disappeared into the storm.
La Malcontenta, by Liz Williams, illustration by Emily Tolson (3/7/05)
In the centre of Winterstrike, Mars' first city, in the middle of the meteorite crater that gave the city its name, stands the fortress: a mass of vitrified stone as white as a bone and as red as a still-beating heart.
The Pale, by Liz Williams (8/30/04)
She came out of the poisoned sea, my mother, out of darkness and winter.
Century to Starboard, by Liz Williams, illustration by Ursula Freer (2/2/04)
The sea looks just like my Versace silk camisole, but apparently we're expecting a storm later on. We've been through a typhoon already, off Manila. I thought I'd be terrified, but actually it was quite exciting, and we couldn't feel it at all—the Ship's big enough to ride out even huge hurricanes.