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Rushes #12 of 12: For the Twelve, by Jay Lake (12/15/03)
Jayce stood, shrugged out of her bicycle shirt and racing pants until she was sky-clad, brown as a walnut and naked to the world. The Twelve exchanged glances. They had expected no formal rites today.
Rushes #11 of 12: Eleven Went to Heaven, by Jay Lake (11/17/03)
Some died alone, some asleep, one in quiet pain and two more in shrieking terror of their lives. I remember them all.
Rushes #10 of 12: Deka Logos, by Jay Lake (10/20/03)
Are these injunctions? Instructions? Perhaps commandments to the faithful? None can say, though theories abound.
The Cleansing Fire of God, by Jay Lake (9/29/03)
Officially you're here for reading proscribed foreign journals. That and your history of secularism. But we both know you're really here because of the message you got from the moon.
Brightly Shining, by Jay Lake (9/15/03)
England's troubles hung heavy; Nazi zeppelins coasted her skies free as the clouds. Though the war struggled on, the RAF had been grounded for years.
Aprill, With His Shoures Soote, by Jay Lake (8/18/03)
Heere bigynneth the Greyn-Manns Tale
Rushes #7 of 12: Stars in the Sky, by Jay Lake (7/21/03)
Pleiades boosts outsystem on a slow, spiral orbit, jealously leaching energy from bloated Sol, staying ahead of the limits of the radiation shielding. Sister Sun eats her children.
Rushes #6 of 12: Proud Walkers, by Jay Lake (6/16/03)
This place is mine. Five generations of my family are buried here. My father is buried here. I cannot leave.
Rushes #5 of 12: The Symbols at Their Doors, by Jay Lake (5/19/03)
The May dance was a ward for the entire village, painted in young flesh.
Rushes #4 of 12: Gospel Truth, by Jay Lake (4/21/03)
Every night I dream of my tomb given over to Him, rolling the boulder shut with the Christ buried within. Would that I had found a way to die in His place.
Rushes #3 of 12: Three the Rivals, by Jay Lake (3/17/03)
Aching from the labor of Creation, Mother Ge rested in the garden that would be Britain. There her children petitioned her.
Rushes #2 of 12: Dresséd All in Green, Oh, by Jay Lake (2/17/03)
One night just before Yuletide, the Lord of Misrule pursued the Wren Boys through London's cobbled streets.
Rushes #1 of 12: One Is All Alone, by Jay Lake (1/20/03)
"So," says a voice of rattling leaves and creaking branches. "At last you return."
Jack's House, by Jay Lake (12/23/02)
"That one was always uncommon civil for a Cat. One of their voices of moderation, you might say." Benjamin sighed. "We had a plan, once, that Rats and Cats should set aside our spears. We could have joined together in a thorough search for the Cheese."
The Scent of Rotting Roses, by Jay Lake (11/18/02)
"Do you know what that plant is worth? The gene package by itself, let alone a growing, healthy specimen." He grinned. "More than any bonus for old tech ever paid. And we found it."
Christmas Season, by Jay Lake (6/17/02)
Every year come the Friday after Thanksgiving, Pawpaw gets to cleaning his shotgun.