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True Names, by Stephanie Burgis (11/9/09)
When I let Sam sweet talk me into moving out here to the back of beyond to be his wife, it was all about the romance of the wild, the two of us standing at each other's sides against mountain lions and poisonous snakes, and me learning to be just as fierce against them as any man. Days like today somehow never got mentioned in any of his stories, back then.
Locked Doors, by Stephanie Burgis (1/1/07)
You can never let anyone suspect, his mother told him. That was the first rule she taught him, and the last, before she left him here alone with It.
Inside the Tower, by Stephanie Burgis (1/10/05)
I've hated my mother for half my life, but watching her die is killing me.
Some Girlfriends Can, by Stephanie Burgis (11/1/04)
I've read the women's magazine articles. I've listened to Mom's and Amy's advice. Acting snarky to your boyfriend's ex can only make you look bad. Especially when she's a three-thousand-year-old goddess who can turn you into a slug if she gets mad.