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Tradition, by Joey Comeau (2/5/07)
There are some words that connect with that secret part of you, and it feels as though you're opening up in slow motion like a flower on TV when you say them all by yourself. Last night, after I heard my mother say "atheist", I felt a bit of that strangeness. But standing in front of my mirror, I felt nothing.
Historians and Degenerates, by Joey Comeau (2/27/06)
Who lives off the grid, anyway? Revolutionaries and criminals and historians.
The Machine, by Joey Comeau (1/16/06)
A scientist (me) and a priest (David) walk into a bar, ten years before either of us are born, looking for a miracle.
The Historian, by Joey Comeau, illustration by Becky Cloonan (7/4/05)
The press last night had asked about the newest story, "The Secret Identity of The Cook". She'd explained that it was going to be published in a weekly news magazine, by the end of the week at the latest. The magazine would have first publication rights to all her histories, the stories behind the villains. Before this, she had given the stories out to everyone in the press, photocopied at her own expense. Now she was getting paid for her work.