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Heroes of Tomorrow: Adventures in Unreality, by Karen Healey (6/13/11)
We've all encountered people who won't read—or scorn those who do read—science fiction and fantasy because they are insufficiently "true" and "real." Teenagers, especially, are taught that they'll grow out of fantastic fiction as they leave that silly fake stuff behind. It's the kind of thing that makes me roll my eyes, and then want to interrogate the notions of reality and truth as applied to young adult fiction. So, what the hey, let's give that a go.
Heroes of Tomorrow: A Diana Wynne Jones Retrospective, by Karen Healey (4/18/11)
Diana Wynne Jones, who died last month, was brave. I don't know if she was brave in person, although tributes from friends, including Neil Gaiman and Emma Bull, indicate that she probably was. But she was certainly a brave writer.
Let the Sci-Fi Flag Fly, by Karen Healey (2/21/11)
In adult fiction, speculative fiction of surpassing intelligence, craft and appeal is often overlooked by critics and award committees alike. But that doesn't necessarily hold true of young adult genre work.
Teenagers with Bite, Part 2, by Karen Healey (12/13/10)
I hereby present a brief selection of my favourite recent YA vampire novels.
Teenagers with Bite, by Karen Healey (12/6/10)
I recently discovered, very late to the party, The Vampire Diaries TV series.
Where We Come From; Who We Become, by Karen Healey (5/24/10)
Families! They're sort of like credit cards: I can't live with them, and I can't write young adult fiction without them.
Writing From A Strange Land: The Imaginative Displacement of Margaret Mahy, by Karen Healey (3/15/10)
I come from fantasyland. To outsiders, it might be Middle-Earth, or Narnia, and (the Hollywood rumours say) Azeroth; exotic imagined locales. But it gets annoying to be enthusiastically complimented on the beauty of your country by the phrase, "It looks just like the movies!" No. The movie landscapes look like home.
All The Big Kids are Doing It, by Karen Healey (1/11/10)
In the grand and lazy tradition of end-of-year columnists everywhere, here are my personal favourite SFF young adult books of the decade. (Not, I hasten to add, a "best of" list. This is almost bound to reveal more about my reading prejudices than it is the relative quality of books on and off the list.)
Becoming New: Young Adult SFF and the Adolescent Body, by Karen Healey (11/23/09)
Hey, remember the process of becoming a young adult, when everything changed?
Where the Popular Kids are Sitting, by Karen Healey (9/14/09)
"Is there a link," someone asked, "between science fiction and young adult works?" "Science fiction's what they used to call the YA section before there was a YA section," Westerfeld said, and effortlessly articulated the feeling I'd had for years.