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Interview: Eugie Foster, by Lynne Jamneck (5/28/07)
It was always the monsters and magic which drew me, stuff that fires the imagination and leaves you wandering around in a cloud of "what if" and "ooo" for the rest of the day.
Interview: Lyda Morehouse, by Lynne Jamneck (7/24/06)
[...] SF writers and readers have a certain amount of luxury to get angry about their genre. All we have to do is point to our amazing subversive history and say, "You know, that book/short story was groundbreaking. Where's our next big mind-expanding/consciousness-raising work?"
Interview: Nicola Griffith, by Lynne Jamneck (12/12/05)
I lived in Hull . . . surrounded by people who in that time and place were considered the dregs of society: bikers, drug dealers, prostitutes, dykes, the terminally unemployed and unemployable. I starved and begged and did all the other things that one does to survive, and after a few years managed to drag myself free and onto my current super-respectable path.
Interview: Kim Stanley Robinson, by Lynne Jamneck (8/15/05)
"So it seems to me a kind of race between progress and catastrophe; and that being the case, why not write about progress winning out?"
Interview: Bruce Bethke, by Lynne Jamneck (7/11/05)
Mostly I read history ... the wonderful thing about history is that it's always far more absurd and entertaining than anything a reasonable person can imagine.
20 Questions With Kelly Link, by Lynne Jamneck (2/28/05)
"I don't ever scare myself; I wish I did. I like being scared."
Interview: Mike Resnick, by Lynne Jamneck (5/17/04)
"And here comes the heresy: I don't think much of Tolkien."
Interview: Michael Swanwick: Twenty Questions from Lynne Jamneck, by Lynne Jamneck (11/17/03)
1950 - 98,347
This monument erected by his loving widow, Marianne Porter.
Interview: Nicola Griffith, by Lynne Jamneck (9/29/03)
Rage. That's how it began. I was so angry I was afraid to leave the house. Instead, I started to write out my feelings.