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Introduction to "Winds that Stir Vermillion Sands", by Sabrina Vourvoulias (6/29/15)
"Winds that Stir Vermillion Sands" isn't a translation, but it is a translator's story. Its music is played by ear, by memory; in language acknowledged to be sacred and profane, at risk and riskier than hell.
Collateral Memory, by Sabrina Vourvoulias (6/10/13)
Friends or not, there is one guiding rule in the game: it's got to be genuine. Like life. Real. Anything else would be a cheat. And despite all of our other differences, no one in the shed is that. Except me.
Podcast: Collateral Memory, by Sabrina Vourvoulias, read by Anaea Lay (6/10/13)
In this episode of the Strange Horizons podcast, editor Anaea Lay presents Sabrina Vourvoulias's "Collateral Memory."