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Our Queer Roundtable, by Anna Anthropy, Rose Fox, AJ Odasso, Vanessa Rose Phin, Nisi Shawl, and Cynthia Ward (7/25/16)
The fluidity, inclusiveness, and fundamental instability of queerness are the attributes that draw me to it.
Reviews for the week of 5/12/14
Monday: Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History, edited by Rose Fox and Daniel José Older, reviewed by Katherine Farmar
Wednesday: Maze by J. M. McDermott, reviewed by Nina Allan
Friday: Sleep Donation by Karen Russell, reviewed by Anne Charnock

Reviews for the week of 10/15/07
Monday: Two Views: Bryan Francis Slattery's Spaceman Blues, reviewed by Martin Lewis and Rose Fox
Wednesday: The Ultimates and The Ultimates 2, reviewed by Tony Keen
Friday: Ursula K. Le Guin's Powers, reviewed by Lisa Goldstein
Reviews for the week of 6/25/07
Monday: Richard Labont´┐Ż and Lawrence Schimel's The Future is Queer, reviewed by Rose Fox
Tuesday: Alastair Reynolds's The Prefect, reviewed by Martin Lewis
Wednesday: Nalo Hopkinson's The New Moon's Arms, reviewed by J.C.Runolfson
Thursday: Mike Resnick's Alien Crimes, reviewed by Karen Burnham
Reviews for the week of 9/25/06
Monday: David Moles and Susan Marie Groppi's Twenty Epics, reviewed by Rose Fox
Tuesday: Frank Schatzing's The Swarm, reviewed by Jonathan McCalmont
Wednesday: Mark Chadbourn's Jack of Ravens, reviewed by Donna Royston
Thursday: Lisa Tuttle's The Silver Bough, reviewed by Genevieve Williams
Reviews for the week of 8/21/06
Monday: Marvel's Civil War, issues 1-3, reviewed by Jeremy Adam Smith
Tuesday: Amanda Hemingway's The Sword of Straw, reviewed by Rose Fox
Wednesday: Nini Kiriki Hoffman's Catalyst, reviewed by Duncan Lawie
Thursday: M. Night Shyamalan's The Lady in the Water, reviewed by William Mingin
Interview: Naomi Novik, by Rose Fox (8/14/06)
I wanted Europe to be fairly recognizable, partly to take advantage of the fact that that's kind of the most familiar setting to my readers—Regency and Napoleonic Era England is something that a lot of readers have a lot of familiarity with from literature....
Reviews for the week of 8/14/06
Monday: Naomi Novik's Throne of Jade and Black Powder War, reviewed by Rose Fox
Tuesday: Andreas Eschbach's The Carpet Makers, reviewed by Finn Dempster
Wednesday: Joe Abercrombie'sThe Blade Itself, reviewed by Siobhan Carroll
Thursday: Kage Baker's Mendoza in Hollywood, reviewed by Sherryl Vint
Reviews for the week of 5/29/06
Monday: Ian R. MacLeod's The Summer Isles, reviewed by Graham Sleight
Tuesday: The Dedalus Book of Finnish Fantasy, reviewed by Rose Fox
Wednesday: Daniel Abraham's A Shadow In Summer, reviewed by David Soyka
Thursday: Farah Mendlesohn's Diana Wynne Jones: Children's Literature and the Fantastic Tradition, reviewed by Lesley A. Hall
Reviews for the week of 4/10/06
Monday: Write 'Em Until We Can't: Battlestar Galactica Lays Down Its Burdens, by Dan Hartland
Tuesday: Mark von Schlegel's Venusia, reviewed by Justin Howe
Wednesday: Jeffrey Ford's The Empire of Ice Cream, reviewed by Rose Fox
Thursday: Parietal Games: Critical Writings by and on M. John Harrison, reviewed by Paul Kincaid
Reviews for the week of 3/27/06
Monday: Karl Schroeder's Lady of Mazes, reviewed by Ursula Pflug
Tuesday: V for Vendetta, reviewed by Iain Clark
Wednesday: Jay Lake's Rocket Science, reviewed by Rose Fox
Thursday: Kevin Brockmeier's The Brief History of the Dead, reviewed by Paul Kincaid
Reviews for the week of 2/27/06
Monday: Naomi Novik's His Majesty's Dragon, reviewed by Rose Fox
Tuesday: Eric Brown's The Extraordinary Voyage of Jules Verne, reviewed by Colin Harvey
Wednesday: Richard Paul Russo's The Rosetta Codex, reviewed by Finn Dempster
Thursday: Lydia Millet's Oh Pure and Radiant Heart, reviewed by Ben Peek