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Our Guardian Uncle: A Star Not Born?, by Peter Jekel (6/28/04)
Jupiter . . . may have been a key factor in the evolution of our species, acting as a distant protective uncle over the eons. . . .
Inferno, by Peter Jekel (6/17/02)
Venus was once thought to be a haven of life, but it's actually a far cry from the Garden of Eden originally imagined. In fact, it has a greater likeness to the biblical Hell.
The Ghost at the Edge of the Solar System, by Peter Jekel (4/22/02)
Percival Lowell was a man obsessed with ghosts. His "ghosts" were not the souls of the dead, but phantoms that only he could see. His idea of canals on Mars was but one of those phantoms. . . . His other "ghost" was the so-called Planet X.
Excavating Human Remains, by Peter Jekel (3/25/02)
Human bones. They just lie there in the ground, slowly degrading to the atoms from which they were originally created, often the only lonely reminder of a past life. Is there any information that can be garnered from bone?
Making Believable Planets, by Peter Jekel (2/25/02)
Too many novice writers have a simplistic vision of an ice world, a jungle world, or even an ocean world. . . . [T]ake look at our planet. It's hardly a one-ecosystem world. . . .