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WE HEART VAMPIRES!!!!!! (part 2 of 2), by Meghan McCarron (5/10/10)
It was, in a confusing way, even more intimate than a kiss.
WE HEART VAMPIRES!!!!!! (part 1 of 2), by Meghan McCarron (5/3/10)
Sven was Bob's vampire boyfriend. It had been his idea to meet up at the mall. George had no idea why a vampire wanted to hang out at the mall, but maybe malls were really interesting to someone born in the nineteenth century.
The Magician's House (Part 2 of 2), by Meghan McCarron (7/21/08)
"How much do you want to know about magic?" he said. He was nervous, watching me carefully like I might bolt.
The Magician's House (Part 1 of 2), by Meghan McCarron (7/14/08)
The magician was a tall, spindly man with surprisingly thick hands and dark, graying hair. He folded into the chair like a marionette. To meet me, he wore black stretch pants, a silk pajama shirt, a burgundy cardigan, and decaying black flip-flops. If I had seen him on the street, I would have laughed, but in the oven-room he looked right at home, whereas I felt self-conscious in my khaki shorts and pre-faded T-shirt. I had even blow-dried my hair. For the first time, instead of feeling invisible in my prepster clothes, I felt exposed.
The Flying Woman, by Meghan McCarron (3/20/06)
The flying woman didn't fly above the clouds. "It's cold up there," she'd say, "and there's not enough air." She skimmed the roofs and treetops. Her legs dangled behind her, and she wore her wheelchair strapped to her back.
Close To You, by Meghan McCarron (4/18/05)
When I first got here, the words came difficultly. People would ask questions. Questions! They'd ask me what I wanted. I'm telling you what I want. The woman in my thoughts. Can't you see her?