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Bringing Legends to Life, a Review of The Return of Santiago by Mike Resnick, by John Teehan (7/21/03)
[T]he road to resurrecting a legend is not an easy one.
It's Not the Magic, by John Teehan (3/24/03)
Whether or not I believe in magic is surely beside the point. . . .
The Stainless Steel Rat Turns Fifty: A Review of Harry Harrison's 50 in 50, by John Teehan (2/17/03)
While Harrison's science is generally weak (despite the early influences of John W. Campbell), he succeeds in the arena of "social science fiction" by asking good questions, making reasonable postulations, and coming to interesting conclusions.
Robert Sawyer's Hominids: It's Not Your Father's Cavemen Story, by John Teehan (7/22/02)
Robert Sawyer's latest novel . . . braves such stormy matters as privacy, religion, and the origins of man. It begins with the discovery of a Neanderthal in our midst.
Ben Bova's Jupiter: and the Truth Shall Set You Free, by John Teehan (8/27/01)
Jupiter reads wonderfully. It's hard science fiction with a good extrapolation of the nature of interplanetary exploration. . . . The novel also examines the dialectic between science and religion, showing how they both develop in the light of the other's fire.
The Outpost by Mike Resnick: The Fine Art of the Tall Tale and the Mystery of History, by John Teehan (6/18/01)
Mike Resnick's latest work, The Outpost, is a novel that explores how we tell stories, both about ourselves and others. This is not just a collection of tall tales, but a novel celebrating the fine art of storytelling.