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Reviews for the week of 4/27/15
Monday: How to Live on Other Planets edited by Joanne Merriam, reviewed by Shaun Duke
Wednesday: Ancillary Sword by Ann Leckie, reviewed by Foz Meadows
Friday: Nước (2030) reviewed by Benjamin Gabriel

Improving on Nature, by Joanne Merriam (9/6/10)
while other robots come and go,
Sundowning, by Joanne Merriam (2/22/10)
"It's time for the bloodletting," I told him. I had the needle ready in my hand.
Thirteen Scifaiku for Blackbirds, by Joanne Merriam (10/12/09)
It was autumn all year. / Blackbirds came and went.
Swan Song, by Joanne Merriam (10/6/08)
"High fever. Dehydration. Recurring dreams of swans," the doctor has noted in the description area.
Werepenguin, by Joanne Merriam (3/10/08)
Little things make her love him: / he says he'll call and does,
Little Ambushes, by Joanne Merriam (8/20/07)
He twisted his fingers together as though emphasizing his alienness, every one of them looking like a slender thumb, and she thought his hands looked like a big, black spider wriggling at the end of its thread.
Harvest, by Joanne Merriam (3/26/07)
Soldiers surround the area and shout at the humans to please step out of the line of fire. A tank raises its turret and somebody is shouting something about surrendering and then the aliens just aren't there anymore.
The Bather, by Joanne Merriam (7/3/06)
but beautiful as the daze of nature's chlorophyll dynamos
The Purple Hippopotamus Wading Pool, by Joanne Merriam (3/6/06)
Sherrie looked at him critically: dark hair, thin, tall, wedding band, nice suit. It was three o'clock in the afternoon on a Wednesday, and this was his fourth beer. Angela was sitting at his table, looking affordable.
Cherries for Buttons, by Joanne Merriam (2/27/06)
I woke for a woman all tooth and whispered want. Like the oven she was / warm when met and cold when done.
The Greening, by Joanne Merriam (10/17/05)
we know the sound / and see their footsteps' deep blue shadows and their occasional bodies
Settler's Song, by Joanne Merriam (7/25/05)
the way plumigan flock to the mowthorn at suggestions of snow.
First Contact, by Joanne Merriam (6/13/05)
Try sign language, semaphore, a series of notes. / Feel how the walls freeze and can't breathe.
The Rainy Season, by Joanne Merriam (3/21/05)
It's August and rain makes the air fresh / as it dances on our roof. It's my first time in love.
Surface Properties, by Joanne Merriam (1/31/05)
I wish we'd never come here.
Walking Hibernation, by Joanne Merriam (10/4/04)
Jennifer pulled out her sword. She hadn't used it in years, but nobody else seemed capable of defending them. "Anybody got a gun?" she asked, and several of the men went for their sidearms. "Silver bullets?" A general shaking of heads. Jennifer sighed and walked toward the back door, which was beginning to sag inwards.
No Words, by Joanne Merriam (2/3/03)
we just have no words for what they are.
Mirror Points, by Joanne Merriam (12/23/02)
Somewhere an ion or electron slows as it enters a stronger magnetic field, and is turned back.