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Tomorrow Through the Past: Jo Walton and Ada Palmer in Conversation, by Ada Palmer and Jo Walton (8/29/16)
It's interesting to me that people instantly try to categorize this future into "utopia" or "dystopia" because we don't really have a category for "pretty good future with some flaws."
Reviews for the week of 5/16/16
Monday: The Philosopher Kings by Jo Walton, reviewed by Gautam Bhatia
Wednesday: Staying Alive by Laura Sims, reviewed by Kate Schapira
Friday: The Night Clock by Paul Meloy, reviewed by Lisa Timpf

Reviews for the week of 9/21/15
Monday: What Makes This Book So Great by Jo Walton, reviewed by Marina Berlin
Wednesday: Half the World and Half a War by Joe Abercrombie, reviewed by Matt Hilliard
Friday: Wylding Hall by Elizabeth Hand, reviewed by Dara Downey

Fractal History: An Interview with Jo Walton, by Liz Bourke (1/26/15)
"Sometimes he's so insightful and brilliant, and sometimes he's barking mad, so that you can go from "Yes yes yes!" to "Oh Plato, no!" so fast you get whiplash. I find that tension very productive."
Reviews for the week of 10/6/14
Monday: Tigerman by Nick Harkaway, reviewed by Chris Kammerud
Wednesday: Smiler's Fair by Rebecca Levene, reviewed by Liz Bourke
Friday: My Real Children by Jo Walton, reviewed by Alix E. Harrow

Serenissima, by Jo Walton (4/18/11)
The half-masked man asserts that owls are luck.
Reviews for the week of 3/21/11
Monday: Among Others by Jo Walton, reviewed by Michael Levy
Wednesday: Doctor Who: The Coming of the Terraphiles by Michael Moorcock, reviewed by Graham Sleight
Friday: Sprawl, edited by Alisa Krasnostein, reviewed by Dan Hartland
Reviews for the week of 5/24/10
Monday: Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link, reviewed by Abigail Nussbaum
Wednesday: Survivors, reviewed by C. B. Harvey
Friday: Lifelode by Jo Walton, reviewed by Paul Kincaid
Reviews for the week of 12/15/08
Monday: Half a Crown by Jo Walton, reviewed by John Clute
Wednesday: Liberation by Brian Francis Slattery, reviewed by Abigail Nussbaum
Friday: The Last Book by Zoran Živković, reviewed by Matt Denault
Reviews for the week of 10/23/06
Monday: Jo Walton's Farthing, reviewed by Dan Hartland
Tuesday: Carolyn Ives Gilman's Candle in a Bottle, reviewed by Colin Harvey
Dragon Manners: Tooth and Claw by Jo Walton, by David Soyka (6/21/04)
[According to Walton], "This novel is the result of wondering what a world would be like if they were, if the axioms of the sentimental Victorian novel were inescapable laws of biology."
"Strife Without Bitterness": Jo Walton's The Prize in the Game, by Christopher Cobb (5/26/03)
The Prize in the Game is an exceptional fantasy; it beautifully, poignantly captures the spirit of a life that is uncivilized but far from uncultured.
On the Wall, by Jo Walton, illustration by Colleen Doran (9/3/01)
Their purpose in making me was to have a scrying glass capable of seeing the future. In this sense I am a failure—I can see only what is, not what has been or will be.
Unreliable Witness, by Jo Walton (1/15/01)
My name is Katherine Whippleshaw, and I'm eighty-nine years old. Last week I was visited by an alien.
Relentlessly Mundane, by Jo Walton (10/23/00)
Tharsia's apartment was hung about with tapestries and jangling crystal windchimes and a string of little silver unicorns, and it reminded Jane of Porphylia and everything she wanted to forget.