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Robota, or, How Hollywood Ate Science Fiction, by Jeremy Smith (2/9/04)
If Robota is as forgettable and derivative as a daydream, it is also just as mesmerizing and cathartic.
The Failure of Fahrenheit 451, by Jeremy Smith (10/13/03)
Launched with Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Cassandraism remains the most socially acceptable branch on the family tree of science fiction.
Sailing the Infinite Deep: The Wreck of The River of Stars, by Michael Flynn, by Jeremy Smith (6/2/03)
[O]ne gets the sense that Flynn has actually served on one of these ships, as Herman Melville once crisscrossed the Pacific on a brig in search of whales.
Engines of Light: The Gnostic Potboilers of Ken MacLeod, by Jeremy Smith (1/13/03)
Ken MacLeod's Engine City is his most philosophically reconciled work, in which he seems to achieve the epistemological synthesis he has always restlessly sought.