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Making Payments, by Jason Stoddard (10/15/07)
I imagined some young Comparative Value Analyst factoring that into her stellar rating for the Young Couples' Complex. But they didn't tell you they charged you anyway, even if you didn't drink the damn stuff. And they didn't tell you about the upsells.
Exception (Part 2 of 2), by Jason Stoddard (9/19/05)
But Arcadia couldn't be destroyed. It ran on its own set of self-replicating nanoscale processors that blew on the wind until they found a place with sun and silicon and set about reproducing.
Exception (Part 1 of 2), by Jason Stoddard (9/12/05)
Something had reached through her memories, sending tendrils of thought from deep in her past to her present. As if another mind had tried to force itself into hers.
Revision (Part 2 of 2), by Jason Stoddard (9/20/04)
"There's no UNDO button. There's no 'just kidding' switch. Edits are permanent. Your mind is forever changed."
Revision (Part 1 of 2), by Jason Stoddard (9/13/04)
When you're very old, the tree of the mind does require pruning. But altering the imbalance of personality should not be part of what an Editor does.
Unfinished (Part 2 of 2), by Jason Stoddard (5/17/04)
"I would like to have the focus to paint again. I would like to be able to remember what I did the day before, without confusing it with a day from forty years past. Or a hundred years past."
Unfinished (Part 1 of 2), by Jason Stoddard (5/10/04)
"Most cases are only eighty to a hundred years old," I said. "In their first light mindclutter. I don't know why Clariti sent me to Edit you. I would think they would have sent someone more experienced."