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Reviews for the week of 8/18/08
Monday: Speculative Japan, edited by Gene van Troyer and Grania Davis, reviewed by Niall Harrison
Wednesday: Everything is Sinister by David Llwellyn and The Heritage by Will Ashon, reviewed by Martin Lewis
Friday: Year's Bests edited by Jonathan Strahan, and David Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer, reviewed by Karen Burnham
Topquark, by Gene van Troyer (4/21/08)
You are the top quark / in the particle stream blasting through your nerves
Post-Material Lotophagi, by Gene van Troyer (10/29/07)
It's there on every page that links / into the junction of that throbbing dot. You are here.
Hibernal Cryodreams of Conquest, by Steve Sneyd and Gene van Troyer (9/3/01)
Will you be changed / when we stand upon alien bones / next planetfall, the new skies / yet again our own and / purified with our constellations?