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Swan Fetish, by Erin Donahoe (9/5/05)
He slips out at night, / when his swan-wife is sleeping / and takes her cloak of feathers with him.
Born for Blood: Caitlin Kiernan's Low Red Moon, by Erin Donahoe (5/24/04)
[Low Red Moon is] a tale of quiet horror and growing dread, as characters reveal to us a dark, Lovecraftian underworld that creeps along the edges of our own reality.
Peculiar Protagonist Fights Familiar Fanged Foes: Robin McKinley's Sunshine, by Erin Donahoe (1/26/04)
Your protagonist is Rae. She is not Buffy. . . . She is not Anita. . . . She's a baker.
A Rare Gift: Harlequin Valentine by Neil Gaiman and John Bolton, by Erin Donahoe (2/11/02)
Gaiman's words depict a strange and wonderful kind of love story, which is enriched by Bolton's photo-realistic paintings.
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Fourteenth Annual Collection, edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling: Excellence at the Boundaries of the Genre, by Erin Donahoe (11/19/01)
If I had to choose one word to describe this collection of stories and poems, that word would be "dark." Many of the fantasy pieces in this anthology skirt the line between fantasy and horror with reckless abandon.
Too Much of a Good Thing: Storm Constantine's The Crown of Silence, by Erin Donahoe (5/28/01)
While this book has an enjoyable story and a well-developed plot . . . the author delivers too much, cramming our heads with a plethora of information in order to make the story work.
The Kinder Side of Vampirism: Nightwalker: Midnight Detective, by Erin Donahoe (3/26/01)
[Nightwalker] is a story about human (and in-human) interaction in a dangerous and violent world, and about love and heartache.