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Reviews for the week of 9/2/13
Monday: The Finches of Mars by Brian Aldiss, reviewed by Maria Velazquez
Wednesday: Shattered Pillars by Elizabeth Bear, reviewed by Liz Bourke
Friday: The Blue Blazes by Chuck Wendig, reviewed by Foz Meadows

Reviews for the week of 12/3/12
Monday: Bad Glass by Richard E. Gropp, reviewed by Lila Garrott
Wednesday: Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, reviewed by Benjamin Gabriel
Friday: Shoggoths in Bloom by Elizabeth Bear, reviewed by Rahul Kanakia

Reviews for the week of 7/19/10
Monday: Chill by Elizabeth Bear, reviewed by Matt Denault
Wednesday: Ruby's Spoon by Anna Lawrence Pietroni, reviewed by Niall Harrison
Friday: Servant of the Underworld by Aliette de Bodard, reviewed by Duncan Lawie
Love Among the Talus, by Elizabeth Bear (12/11/06)
Nilufer raised her eyes to his. It was not what women did to men, but she was a princess, and he was only a bandit. "I want to be a Witch," she said. "A Witch and not a Queen. I wish to be not loved, but wise. Tell your bandit lord, if he can give me that, I might accept his gift."
Sounding, by Elizabeth Bear (9/18/06)
Pen keeps her own counsel about who the worthy one is. She works nights at Nantucket Cottage Hospital. That gives them another little boost. Just enough, maybe, to stay afloat. So far.
Reviews for the week of 6/19/06
Monday: Elizabeth Bear's Worldwired Trilogy, reviewed by Claire Brialey
Tuesday: Elizabeth Bear's Blood & Iron, reviewed by Steve Berman
Wednesday: Ian Watson's The Butterflies of Memory, reviewed by Paul Kincaid
Thursday: Jon George's Zootsuit Black, reviewed by Farah Mendlesohn
Two Dreams on Trains, by Elizabeth Bear (1/3/05)
A city like drowned New Orleans, you don't just walk away from. A city like drowned New Orleans, you fly away from. If you can. And if you can't . . . you make something that can.