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Dancing with Stones, by Elizabeth Barrette (6/16/08)
All true things are known by stone, / whose wisdom is grown ponderous / with its rounding of the year's ring.
Noplace Like Home, by Elizabeth Barrette (1/1/07)
And the strange moon hanging overhead / Is every shade from palest chrysoprase / Through emerald to almost black
The Robot-Emperor's Concubine, by Elizabeth Barrette (12/11/06)
Some nights, after he leaves, / She sits on the windowsill / Staring into the night,
Beach Climbing, by Elizabeth Barrette (10/16/06)
Gills becoming lungs
Reviews for the week of 10/2/06
Monday: Glen Hirshberg's American Morons, reviewed by William Mingin
Tuesday: Terry Pratchett's Wintersmith, reviewed by Juliana Froggatt
Wednesday: Simon Haynes's Hal Spacejock series, reviewed by Colin Harvey
Thursday: Laurell K. Hamilton's Strange Candy, reviewed by Elizabeth Barrette
Stormland, by Elizabeth Barrette (4/10/06)
I grew up / in a house made of clouds
Reviews for the week of 2/6/06
Monday: Janine Cross's Touched by Venom, reviewed by Liz Henry
Tuesday: Life on Mars, reviewed by Martin Lewis
Wednesday: The Alchemy of Stars: Rhysling Award Winners Showcase, reviewed by Elizabeth Barrette
Thursday: Martin Sketchley's The Affinity Trap, reviewed by Mahesh Raj Mohan
Dear Diary, I'm a Dragon: Sythyry's Journal by Bard Bloom and Flight of the Godkin Griffin by M.C.A. Hogarth, by Elizabeth Barrette (6/14/04)
[I]f you frequent [an online journal site] you should check it for fiction.