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Surreal Fortune, by Bruce Boston (2/28/11)
Adjust the rearview mirror / until you see apothegms / swirling in your tailwind.
The Music of Deep Spacers, by Bruce Boston (12/6/10)
Yet when the last call comes and / the lights flicker, and cafes / and dim bars are shutting down, / the music all at once changes / to a vast and haunting refrain
A Life in the Day Of, by Bruce Boston (11/8/10)
I will love you, she said, / like Darwin loved evolution. / Things change.
Lizards and Wind, by Bruce Boston (5/17/10)
The lizards were like / lemmings rushing / blindly over a cliff side:
Surreal People, by Bruce Boston (10/26/09)
The evolution of flora and fawning / would have learned nothing / from Darwin.
Wind People, by Bruce Boston (5/25/09)
There is no tying down the wind with rope or chain or tackle.
The Would-Be Gods of Sonofusion, by Bruce Boston (3/2/09)
Embrace the stubborn dream / of perpetual energy.
The Time Traveler Takes His Nth Lover at a Point of Departure, by Bruce Boston and Marge Simon (1/12/09)
Centuries have come and gone / in the flash of a passing station
Dream People, by Bruce Boston (11/10/08)
If dream people were the world / there would be no time / for reflection.
Dystopian Dusk, by Bruce Boston (8/4/08)
if they had slapped blinkers / on our eyes, narrowing our vision
Beyond the Clouds of Paradise, by Bruce Boston (11/26/07)
We see the chosen revelers / in their endless cosmic dance.
Interview: Bruce Boston, by JoSelle Vanderhooft (6/18/07)
"Mainstream poetry draws upon our consensual reality of the everyday world for its content and backdrop. Speculative poetry is drawn from the imagination, the world as it might be."
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Wednesday: Ian Whates's Time Pieces, reviewed by Colin Harvey
Thursday: Bruce Boston's Shades Fantastic and Masque of Dreams, reviewed by JoSelle Vanderhooft
A Compass for the Mutant Rain Forest, by Bruce Boston and Robert Frazier (12/18/06)
Travelers who venture this trek witness / these mutations and are soon transfixed.
The Last Alchemist, by Bruce Boston (9/4/06)
when even the quarks / Charm and Strange rise / to a balanced breakfast,
Marble People, by Bruce Boston (4/17/06)
If marble people were / the world
Parchment People, by Bruce Boston (3/27/06)
like the texts of old, / each of us would be a book
Ajax Redux, by Bruce Boston and Marge Simon (3/6/06)
I live in a land of ice / and mirth and explicit premise. / I'm starving, but I don't hunger / for your glittering glory.
Chess People, by Bruce Boston (12/19/05)
Some women would be queens, / both swift and extreme / in their influence.
Curse of the Void's Husband, by Bruce Boston (6/27/05)
Beyond the lattice / a vacuum that devours / all it surveys with / aimless abandon.
The Elongated Years, by Bruce Boston (4/4/05)
Our lives were stretched beyond their limits.
Gray People, by Bruce Boston (10/4/04)
If gray people were / the world we would wait / for others to colorize.
Bird People, by Bruce Boston (9/27/04)
If bird people / were the world / our lives would / span continents.
All the Starry Audience, by Bruce Boston (9/6/04)
The starry audience / waits with baited breath / for the conclusion / of the docudrama
Ghost People, by Bruce Boston (6/21/04)
If ghost people / were the world / we would roam / the empty highways / in search of life.
Signs You Could Be a Clone, by Bruce Boston (5/17/04)
You have a recurring / nightmare about being / trapped in a Mason jar.
How to Court a Native of Altair V, by Bruce Boston (4/12/04)
Offer her-it-him / as a sexual favor / to your family and friends.
When Clock Is Egg, by Bruce Boston (1/5/04)
The walls of the chamber dissolved about me. / The substance of the world began to sing, / a roar at first painful, at last sublime.
How a Werewolf Chooses an Agent, by Bruce Boston (8/18/03)
Knows Stephen King, Steven / Spielberg, and Steven Seagal.
Futurity Wears the Head, by Bruce Boston (8/4/03)
In isolated and remote regions Futurity sleeps for centuries only / to awaken refreshed with an accelerating appetite that can devour / generations.
Children of the Mutant Rain Forest, by Bruce Boston (6/9/03)
wherever I travel / on Earth or beyond, / the forest stains / my life and thought.
Origami Rockets, by Bruce Boston (5/12/03)
The moon smells / like a green apple.
Alien Quarry, by Bruce Boston (12/9/02)
There was something centipedal / in his violet stare / that made her skin itch.
Corporate Monsters and Body Thieves: Two Brilliant Chapbooks of Speculative Poetry from Mark McLaughlin and Bruce Boston, by Michael Arnzen (7/8/02)
Corporate Monsters is a book written in the tradition of the "grotesque". . . . Boston's Quanta is a collection of his award-winning poetry.
The Canticles of Rage, by Bruce Boston (6/24/02)
across the atrium faces die to be heard / within the canons of the heart / no word is sacred
The Lesions of Genetic Sin, by Bruce Boston (3/11/02)
loosen your collar your tie
            & let the bruised & bloodied vocabularies
      of the urban night descend between
your cool shirt & warm belly
        like hinged scraps of living meat
A Tale of Collaboration, by Marge Simon and Bruce Boston (4/2/01)
I open my fingers, drop the pen. / It bounces on the forest carpet, / lands on a trail of blood kisses.
Surreal Domestic, by Bruce Boston (9/1/00)
I have a giant flea for a pet. / It has little dogs running around on it.