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Medical History, by F.J. Bergmann (4/4/11)
They say it is always sunny in there, although there are / clouds on the horizon. Occasionally someone will claim / to see mountains in the distance, and once a child said / he saw the turrets of a tiny city beyond the faraway hills.
The Planet of Ideal Readers, by F.J. Bergmann (5/10/10)
Small arthropods, with pink eyes / on writhing yellow stalks, they are / permanently curious. They watch
Revisionism, by F.J. Bergmann (4/5/10)
Fresh-minted, teneral, a new body- / with new ideas-crept from each / rejected discard. Membranous husks
Cultural Climate, by F.J. Bergmann (3/1/10)
On the centers of frozen lakes, / they built crystal palaces of ice / to demonstrate their faith that / climate was immutable.
Moonomania, by F.J. Bergmann (1/7/08)
If we had more moons, / months would fracture into innumerable shards