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Elsewhere, by Benjamin Rosenbaum (6/18/12)
Much of what was timelike for Unlike Themselves was spacelike for Not Very; in addition, their ontologies were skew, so it was difficult to converse. We all know how difficult it is, to live together across incommensurability.
Reviews for the week of 12/8/08
Monday: The Ant King and Other Stories by Benjamin Rosenbaum, reviewed by Dan Hartland
Wednesday: Winterstrike by Liz Williams, reviewed by David McWilliam
Friday: Shadowbridge and Lord Tophet by Gregory Frost, reviewed by Michael Levy
Strange Horizons Podcast: Interview with Benjamin Rosenbaum, by Susan Marie Groppi (8/13/07)
The Strange Horizons podcast is back and features an interview with author Benjamin Rosenbaum.
The House Beyond Your Sky, by Benjamin Rosenbaum, illustration by Vladimir Vitkovsky (9/4/06)
Among the ontotropes, transverse to the space we know, Matthias is making something new.
The Book of Jashar, by Benjamin Rosenbaum (3/17/03)
Following the death in 1998 of my beloved cousin, Oedipa Maas, I came into possession of certain effects of the late Timothy Archer, at one time Bishop of San Francisco.
A Conversation Between Writers: Benjamin Rosenbaum and Aimee Bender, by Benjamin Rosenbaum and Aimee Bender (3/3/03)
AB: I can't believe I just used the word post-modern in an interview.
BR: There are a bunch of bald guys in black sweaters with clove cigarettes surrounding my house now. See what you've done? But I can hold them off for a while, I think.
Other Cities #12 of 12: Stin, by Benjamin Rosenbaum (8/19/02)
Stin is the city for those who are tired of other cities.
Other Cities #11 of 12: The Cities of Myrkhyr, by Benjamin Rosenbaum (7/15/02)
Each behemoth that screams by overhead is a mile wide, blotting out the sky in all directions.
Other Cities #10 of 12: Penelar of the Reefs, by Benjamin Rosenbaum (6/17/02)
It was only from the northeast that a small ship, riding high in the water, might have the good fortune to navigate the reefs to Penelar.
Other Cities #9 of 12: Jouiselle-aux-Chantes, by Benjamin Rosenbaum (5/20/02)
Jouiselle-aux-Chantes is the city of erotic forgetting.
Other Cities #8 of 12: Maxis, by Benjamin Rosenbaum (4/15/02)
Other Cities #7 of 12: New(n) Pernch, by Benjamin Rosenbaum (3/18/02)
There is only one thing the machines cannot build, and that is the guiding intelligence of the new city.
Other Cities #6 of 12: Zvlotsk, by Benjamin Rosenbaum (2/18/02)
Lügenmetzger's true metier was the murder case. He could often solve murders before they occurred.
Other Cities #5 of 12: Ylla's Choice, by Benjamin Rosenbaum (1/21/02)
Ylla's Choice is a spherical city of several million. Its bonsai gardeners should be famous throughout the galaxy; its actors orate well; its corridors are clean, and through the shielded glass windows of a marvelous design, the glowing swirl of gas outside is beautiful.
Other Cities #4 of 12: Amea Amaau, by Benjamin Rosenbaum (12/17/01)
Amea Amaau is a new and gleaming city in a matrix of six hundred and forty-three thousand cities exactly like it, somewhere in the terribly exciting part of the world.
Other Cities #3 of 12: Ahavah, by Benjamin Rosenbaum (11/19/01)
You can't ride the rails for long without hearing about Ahavah.
Other Cities #2 of 12: Ponge, by Benjamin Rosenbaum (10/15/01)
Ponge, as its inhabitants will tell you, is a thoroughly unattractive city. "Well," they always say at the mention of any horrible news, "we do live in Ponge."
Other Cities #1 of 12: Bellur, by Benjamin Rosenbaum (9/17/01)
Other cities celebrate their poets or sculptors, offer the world their playwrights and clowns; Bellur, its censors.
A Gardener Betrayed by Roses, by Benjamin Rosenbaum (4/16/01)
Roses want to eat the ivy, / fill the oaks with blood. / They want kisses and hatred, / chocolate and vengeance;