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Posthumous Gifts: Poul Anderson's Going for Infinity and For Love and Glory, by Faith L. Justice (12/1/03)
Going for Infinity: A Literary Journey provides fans and new readers with a wide-ranging sampler of the best of Poul Anderson. That alone would make this collection special. With the addition of his reflections on his life, art, and the people he loved and worked with, this is a "must read."
Blast Off with John Varley's Red Thunder, by Faith L. Justice (9/29/03)
Red Thunder is an homage to Heinlein's juveniles, but it also borrows the "can do" attitude of young folks from such classics as the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and the Andy Hardy movies. But instead of "let's put on a show in the barn," it's "let's build a spaceship in the warehouse."
Let the Magic Unfold: Leah R. Cutter's Paper Mage, by Faith L. Justice (8/11/03)
Cutter does on paper what Xiao Yen does with paper—animate her characters with richly realized detail and motivation appropriate to the time and culture.
The Second Sex and Science Fiction: A Woman's Liberation: A Choice Of Futures By And About Women, edited by Connie Willis and Sheila Williams, by Faith L. Justice (5/6/02)
The characters in these stories discredit the damaging stereotype of women as "victims"—victims of society, circumstances, their own nature. Even when in such familiar roles as matriarch or concubine, these women take charge of their own lives, make choices and live with the consequences.
Interview: James Morrow, by Faith L. Justice (12/3/01)
"The comedy in my fiction functions as a kind of Trojan horse. It lets me smuggle all sorts of grand opinions into each story without seeming too pretentious."
A Delight of Fairies: Books on Fairy Lore and Art, by Faith L. Justice (4/16/01)
Barrie was not the first to write of fairies and the fair folk are still a staple of fantasy writers and artists.