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I Love Anthologies: A Review of the Year's Best Science Fiction 2001, edited by Gardner Dozois, by Danyel Fisher (12/3/01)
A science fiction anthology, writ large, is a collection of the communal hopes and fears of the world today. (Read small, it's what popped into an editor's head.) What interests us today?
Kubrick's A.I. and Square's Final Fantasy: Plastic for the People, by Danyel Fisher and R Michael Harman (7/16/01)
Both movies are beautiful, but ultimately empty.
Shadow of the Vampire Honors Nosferatu and the Men Who Made It, by Danyel Fisher (2/5/01)
In another movie, we might have been expected to take sides—to root for the moviemaker to succeed, perhaps, or to cheer for the lonely vampire. Instead, we look up at these towering giants, and empathize with the film crew.
The Coen Brothers' O Brother, Where Art Thou?: A Magically Real Odyssey, by Danyel Fisher (1/15/01)
The movie starts off ambitiously—the opening scene invokes the first few lines of the Odyssey. It is the second-most audacious opening of the year, after Magnolia's introductory sequence of astounding coincidences. Few films can deliver on that sort of promise, but O Brother does.