1 June 2015


FICTION: Utrechtenaar (Part 1 of 2), by Paul Evanby

The watchman’s lantern moves in my direction, bobbing slowly. Suddenly I am rigid with panic, unsure where to go, certain I cannot stay here. I have visions of being arrested and interrogated, having to face the incredulous looks of my friends, the disapproving gazes of my professors.

FICTION: Podcast: Utrechtenaar (Part 1 of 2), by Paul Evanby, read by Anaea Lay

In this episode of the Strange Horizons podcast, editor Anaea Lay presents Paul Evanby's "Utrechtenaar (Part 1 of 2)."

COLUMN: Scores, by John Clute

Here is an anecdote enclosing a story by Rhys Hughes exposing an author who says Hi! You Have Just Passed Go.

POETRY: Reversed Polarities, by Nin Harris

I became a generator not just for myself / but for others, stray travelers and passers-by

REVIEW: This Week's Reviews

Monday: Jupiter Ascending, reviewed by Rachael Acks
Wednesday: Saint Rebor by Adam Roberts, reviewed by David Hebblethwaite
Friday: Guns of the Dawn by Adrian Tchaikovsky, reviewed by Martin Cahill